Reviewing and Claiming Available Orders

The Available Orders screen is where shoppers can review orders that are currently available to claim. By default, all available orders are displayed and sorted by their group (zone). 

To claim an order and add it to your schedule, tap Claim on the order offer card.

What is the Offers section?
The Offers section in the Available Orders screen displays orders that have been offered to you and are available to claim. Orders are offered to shoppers based on their schedule, including the delivery windows and zones they have selected. Order offers are also influenced by a shopper's Average Rating, Acceptance Rate, and On-Time percentage.

What is the Open Metro section?
The Open Metro Orders section in the Available Orders screen displays orders that have been offered to all shoppers on the schedule but have not been claimed yet. These orders are available to all shoppers in a metro, regardless of their default zones. An example of how to utilize these orders is when you do not have an order claimed for a delivery window and are available to shop, you could review open metro orders and claim one that fits your schedule.

Understanding and Utilizing Order Cards

The order offer card provides helpful information to enable shoppers to quickly decide if an order works for their schedule. Reviewing this information can help you strategize and build your schedule for optimal success.

  1. Order Labels: labels provide guidance on order types, incentives, and preferred delivery methods 
  2. Ellipses Icon: tap to view the order's route and preview the shopping list
  3. Delivery Window: the selected timeframe the order should be delivered to the member
  4. Est. Time: the estimated time to complete the order
  5. Total Items: the total number of items for the order
  6. Est. Pay: the estimated pay value range for the order
  7. Zone: the zone (neighborhood) where the order is located
  8. Store: the specific store location for the order
  9. Claim Order: tap to claim the order
  10. Map Icon: tap to view an interactive map of the route between the store and delivery location

Previewing an Order's Delivery Route and Shopping List

  • To preview the map from the order offer card, tap the map icon in the bottom left corner or tap the ellipsis icon in the top right corner and tap View Map.

  • To preview an order’s Shopping List from the order offer card, tap the ellipsis icon in the top right corner and then tap Preview List
    •  You can also access the Shopping List while reviewing an order's location by tapping the order preview icon in the top right corner of the map screen.

Sort and Filter Available Orders

Shoppers have the option to sort by delivery window and filter available orders by retailer and order type. If shoppers utilize filters, only the orders that match the selected filters will then display on the Available Orders screen.

Order and retailer filter options will be based on currently available orders. For example, Target will display as a retailer filter option if there are Target orders available to claim at that time. However, if there are not any Target orders available to claim, Target will not display as a filter option.

The sort and filter features are accessible from the top of the Available Orders screen. To utilize these features and customize how available orders display, shoppers will be able to: 

  • Tap the All filters icon () to view all sort and filter options at once
  • Tap Sort by, Order tag, or Retailer to view sort or filter options individually

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