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Shoppers with Shipt are a huge part of what sets Shipt apart from the rest of the industry. Shoppers deserve to continue to be both celebrated, as well as provided with compensation that is competitive, easy to understand, and compelling. Shipt's goal is to maximize shoppers’ earning potential and ensure they get the best value or compensation for their effort.

Shopper pay has three components: offer pay, bonuses, and tips. The Shipt Earnings Standard ensures that every shopper across all cities will earn at least $16 per hour for each offer, based on Shipt’s time and effort estimates. And in many markets – where living costs are often higher – that hourly pay will actually be higher than $16, to more than $27 in select markets. 

An Explanation of Offer Pay

When shoppers review an offer, the card gives an estimate of what it will pay. That offer is what Shipt calls “offer pay” and is formulated on an effort-based pay model. Shipt leverages the latest state-of-the-art tools, which are constantly refined to improve accuracy of time and effort estimates. In addition to the pay estimate, the offer card includes the time estimate, store location, customer address, and item quantity. It is always your decision whether or not to accept that offer. 

Here are some examples of what factors into offer pay: 

  • Estimated time and effort (store size, estimated drive time from leading mapping services, time of day, holiday season, apartment complex vs. single family home, the likelihood and complexity of substitutions, to name a few that are constantly refined to improve accuracy)
  • Promo pay (added to some unclaimed offers as they approach their delivery window to protect a stellar customer experience)
  • The Shipt Earnings Standard, which is a guarantee that no offer will have offer pay that is less than $16 per hour in every single market across the country, based on Shipt’s time and effort estimates. 

Pay can increase from the initial offer card estimate if the customer adds additional items to their order. 

Additional Earnings Opportunity: Bonuses

Bonuses are additional earnings opportunities on top of offer pay that Shipt adds when shoppers deliver orders that meet certain requirements, such as on time, without promo, and within a specific date or time range or even for a specific retailer. Shoppers will be notified when a bonus is available to them along with the parameters of what is needed to qualify and when payment will be received.

Click here to learn more about how shopper bonuses work.

Additional Earnings Opportunity: Tips

Shoppers receive 100% of customer tips. As a part of that commitment, Shipt maintains a regular auditing process before weekly payouts.

We hear from experienced shoppers that things like delivering orders on time, communicating clearly with customers, and going above and beyond to navigate substitutions could increase your chances of earning tips from customers. Tips will be paid out separately on the pay period in which they were captured. 

Click here to learn more about how shopper tips work. 

How will I know how much money I will earn for each order?

The order offer card will display a single number for estimated time and pay for the order, which will calculate to at least $16 per hour. The offer card will display the pay per offer, and you can calculate what this amounts to in pay per hour by using this formula:  

Offer Amount X 60 / Estimated Time = Pay Per Hour

On top of this, shoppers may also receive bonus pay and tips from customers. Shoppers will receive 100% of their tips on top of the order pay. To learn more about tips, click here
*Note: The amount displayed on the offer card when a shopper accepts an order is the estimated amount they can expect for completing the offer. Shipt is unable to manually adjust this amount for any reason, however, pay can increase from the initial estimate if the customer adds additional items to the cart. Offer pay will not decrease from the offer card after acceptance of that offer unless canceled by a customer. 

What’s Shipt’s Earnings Standard? 

This is Shipt’s guarantee that no offer will have offer pay that is less than $16 per hour in every single market across the country, based on Shipt’s time and effort estimates. In many markets – where living costs are often higher – that hourly pay standard will actually be higher than $16. This doesn’t guarantee that offers will all pay the same. It means there’s a standard that’s used as a starting point in shopper pay at Shipt. 

Here’s a specific example: Imagine an offer in your market. It has a small number of products, all in a similar area of the store, but it requires a bit of driving from the store to the customer’s house. All in, the estimated time to shop and deliver the order lands squarely at 60 minutes. That order will never pay less than $16. Could it pay more? Absolutely. We’re committing that pay won’t fall below Shipt’s earnings standard based on our effort and time estimates of at least $16 per hour.

Does the pay model account for items added to an order?

Shipt does adjust pay if a member adds multiple items to the order after submitting it to Shipt. Because pay is based on effort rather than the value of the order, the increase in pay will correlate with the increased effort required to shop and deliver those additional items. That means shoppers likely will see a higher increase in pay if the member adds 20 items compared to 2, regardless of the cost of the added items. Shoppers see the increased pay reflected in their delivery history after the order is delivered.

How do you know how long it will take to drive and shop for the estimated pay?

At Shipt, shopper pay is dynamic. Shipt is continuously getting smarter, and more accurate, about the time and effort it takes to shop and deliver an order. Shipt continues to invest in new state-of-the-art tools, better internal analytics, and advanced mapping technology.

Information from a number of data points, including geo-based features and predictions based on delivery hour/day of the week, are continually refined to improve the accuracy of time estimates. For example, a drive during Friday rush hour during peak holiday season is expected to take longer than a Tuesday in June. This means time estimates for orders may increase, decrease or stay the same, impacting pay.  

What if I take longer to complete an offer than what was estimated with the offer?

Shipt’s estimated time and pay are shown on the offer card at the time when shoppers review and choose to accept an offer. Be sure to use the estimated time and pay when deciding whether or not to accept an offer. Keep in mind, pay is calculated based on Shipt’s estimated time and effort it takes a shopper to complete an offer. If a shopper takes longer to complete a shop we do not add additional pay. Likewise, if a shopper takes less time we do not subtract pay.

When will I get paid?

The pay period is Monday through Sunday. Payment is received via direct deposit on Fridays for the orders completed and tips captured the previous Monday through Sunday. 

Shoppers also have the option to utilize Instant Payout once eligible. Instant Payout enables shoppers to transfer available funds on demand 3 times per day rather than waiting until each weekly payday — allowing more flexibility in when shoppers are paid.

If you have any issues with receiving your deposit, please email for assistance.

How do I use the instant payout feature?

To be able to access the Instant Payout feature, you will need to have one successful weekly payout from Shipt first. If you do not request funds through Instant Payout by the end of the pay period (Sunday at 11:59 p.m. CT), you’ll automatically receive a direct deposit as you normally would on the following Friday. To learn more about Instant Payout, click here.

How do I view my previous pay history?

You can view your previous pay history on the Payment History tab in the app. For more information on accessing and interpreting your payment history, click here.

If an order is canceled, will I still get paid?

If an order is canceled before you have started shopping, you will not be paid for that order. However, if an order is canceled while or after you shop for an order, you will still receive a percentage of the original offer payment.

Are taxes taken out of my paycheck?

No. Taxes are not taken out of your paycheck. To learn helpful tax information for shoppers, click here.

What is promo pay?

Promo pay is an incentive added to orders that, generally, are approaching their delivery window but remain unclaimed. If promo pay applies to an order, you will see a Promo label on the offer card, and the pay amount will be included in the estimated pay shown.* 

Shoppers will receive automatic late forgiveness up to 30 minutes past the delivery window for promo orders. As an example, let’s say you claim a promo order at 12:30 p.m. with a 45-minute time estimate, and the delivery window is 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. You should aim to deliver the order by 2 p.m., but because this order is already approaching the delivery window, the order would be considered on time up until 2:30 p.m.

As a reminder, promo pay can vary by day and by metro and does not apply to every order. Promo pay is automatically applied to the total pay amount after an order is completed.
*Note: Promo pay is only added to orders that are in distress, so shoppers cannot ask for promo pay as a form of additional compensation. 

What is extra pay?

We've heard feedback that shoppers would like to see offer pay reflect heavy items in a customer’s order, and Shipt has launched a test to learn more.

In select metros, if an order contains a certain amount of particular heavy items, shoppers will see an “Extra pay” label on the offer card, and the additional amount will be included in the estimated order pay. 

During testing, the types and amounts of items that qualify an order for extra pay may vary. We’ll keep you informed about updates as we test and learn. 

Why did I get paid this week without delivering any orders?

There are a few reasons you may receive payment without having delivered an order. The most common would be that a tip that was captured after the last pay period during which you delivered an order. If you check your Payment History, you will be able to see if you’ve received a tip from a past period.

When will my reimbursement request be fulfilled? 

If you submitted a reimbursement request and it was approved, the Shopper Pay team will reimburse you based on the following schedule:

  • If you submit your reimbursement request between midnight on Thursday and 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, the reimbursement amount will be in your account by end of day Wednesday.
  • If you submitted your request between midnight on Monday and 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, the reimbursement amount will be in your account as a separate deposit by the end of day Friday.  
    • If you do not receive your reimbursement within the expected timeframe, email our Shopper Pay team at for assistance.   

Can I accept cash/check from a member to go get them additional items from the store?

As a shopper, the only money that should be exchanged between you and the member is a tip. Shoppers should not accept money to go get members' additional items from the store after their order has been delivered. You may politely let them know they will need to place another order.

How can I protect my pay information?

Keeping your account secure is extremely important not only for protecting your personal information, but also to ensure there are no interruptions to your account status or payments. To learn how to keep your account secure, click here.

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