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Can I accept a tip in-person?

You are absolutely allowed to accept tips! Members can tip in cash or in the app. 

Can I ask a member to tip me outside of the app?

Providing an excellent member experience is vital to creating a successful business. Lingering at the member's door or requesting a tip may be perceived as poor customer service by the member. Therefore, a best practice is to not mention tips to a customer after completing their order.

Accepting checks or tips via third-party money exchanging apps is strongly discouraged because it can put a member’s sensitive information at risk. Shipt is also not able to reflect any tips collected outside of the app in an official Shipt Shopper Pay Report, so keeping track of these come tax time might get complicated. This functionality is built into the app, so let us keep track of that for you.

How long can members tip after an order is delivered?

Members have an unlimited amount of time after an order has been delivered to add a tip in the app. Members also have a short period of time during which they can change their tip. This is allowed to account for typos and other potential issues.

Shipt never modifies tip amounts and pays the shopper 100% of the amount entered and confirmed by the member. In some rare instances, a tip may not be payable due to low balances or issues which prevent us from accessing the tipped amount from the member’s payment method. 

  • If a tip is listed in the app as pending, it has not yet been captured. Once the tip has been captured, it will be paid out to you in the next pay period.
  • If you see a tip is no longer there, it is possible the member edited their tip or that the tip payment was declined. We cannot give out information as to if a tip was changed or payment was declined.

When will I get my tips?

Tips will be paid out based on the pay period in which they were captured. For example, many tips added on Sunday won’t be captured until Monday. These tips would fall in the next pay period and would not be paid out with the order payment.

If a tip is not included in the same pay period as the corresponding order, the pay period in which it was paid out will be displayed in the order detail section of your Delivery History in the shopper app.

You will receive a notification when a tip has been submitted for an order.

What should I do if I believe a member tipped me, but I didn’t receive the tip?

Each quarter, we conduct a full audit of orders where tips were issued by members but those tips failed to fund. Most commonly, issues are a result of a member having account balance or other issues that prevent the payment from being funded. However, if we identify any issues on our end, we are committed to making those right. If you have questions, you can also contact and they can review the order history.

What is pre-tipping?

Shipt now offers a pre-tipping feature that gives customers an option to enter a tip when they place their order, which means shoppers will have the opportunity to potentially receive their tips sooner. To learn more about pre-tipping, click here.

If you have questions about tips, you may contact

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