Instant Payout

Instant Payout enables shoppers to transfer available funds on demand rather than waiting until each weekly payday, allowing you more flexibility in when you receive your pay.

  • To be able to access the Instant Payout feature, you will need to have agreed to the Stripe Connect terms and conditions in the app as well as had at least one successful weekly payout from Shipt.
  • With Instant Payout, you’ll be able to receive your pay, including tips, from the shopper app up to 3 times per day within an hour of requesting a payout.
  • If you do not request funds through Instant Payout by the end of the pay period (Sunday at 11:59 p.m. CT), you’ll automatically receive a direct deposit as you normally would on the following Friday.

To review our Instant Payout FAQ, click here.

To utilize the Instant Payout feature:

  • When Instant Payout is activated in your app, you will see an available balance amount displayed on the main menu beneath your name.
    • Tap Withdraw.
  • On the following screen, you’ll see the available balance, transaction fee, and the checking account where the money will be deposited. 
    • Tap the transfer button to submit the request for Instant Payout.
      *Note: If you have not added a debit card to your shopper app account yet, you will see the Add debit card button instead of the option to transfer. You can also add a debit card from the Account screen under Payment Info. After the new card addition has been processed for your account, you will be able to utilize Instant Payout. It can take up to 24 hours before the card can be processed for use.
  • After submitting a transfer request, the available balance on the main menu will be $0.00.


Instant Payout FAQ

Why don't I see it in my app?

  • Shoppers will need to have had at least one successful weekly payout from Shipt after agreeing to the Stripe Connect terms and conditions before they will be able to access the Instant Payout feature. 
  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the shopper app. If you don’t have automatic app updates turned on, you may need to update manually.

Do I have to use Instant Payout, or can I still just get paid each week on payday?

  • The Instant Payout feature is optional and up to the shopper to use or not! If you do not wish to use the Instant Payout feature, you will continue to receive your pay on your regularly scheduled payday. 

What earnings will show in my available balance?

  • Not all earnings are eligible for Instant Pay. This can include, but is not limited to, tips over $50 and manually applied bonuses or incentives, including milestone rewards. Any earnings that are not eligible for Instant Payout will be paid in your weekly payout.

Note: The amount shown in your available balance is determined by Stripe. Shipt cannot adjust an earning’s eligibility. 

How long would it take for the funds to post to my account?

  • If you choose to use Instant Payout, available funds will typically post to your account within an hour.
  • If you have not received your funds after that timeframe, reach out to your bank for further assistance. If your bank verifies that they do not see the payment, email for a Trace ID, which you can then provide to your bank for further assistance with locating the transfer.

Will Instant Payout involve fees? 

  • If you choose to use the Instant Payout feature, a transaction fee of $0.49 will be collected from the transfer amount and sent to Stripe Connect. 

Are there any limits and/or daily caps on transfers?

  • Instant Payout is available 3 times a day, and as with many banks, has a daily limit of $500. If your total earnings in a pay period exceed $500, you will notice that the first 3 times you transfer will be limited to $500. The remaining balance in excess of $500 will not become available for transfer until 7 p.m. CT that same day. Instant payout enables up to 3 transfers per day, and a withdrawal after 7 p.m. CT is captured within the next day.

I should have an available balance after my orders today, but my balance still says $0. When will it become available to transfer?

  • Available funds represent your total earnings in that pay period that have been posted and are ready to transfer. In most cases, your order pay and tips will become available to transfer via Instant Payout same-day.
    • Here are a few reasons why your balance may say $0: 
      • You have not yet activated Instant Pay.

      • The daily instant payout limit of $500 has been reached. The balance will remain $0.00 until 7 p.m. CT the following day.

      • The pay period has ended and no funds were earned in the active pay period that are available to transfer yet.

  • If you do not see your order pay available yet and you have not completed a transfer within the last 24 hours, please check back later in the day.
  • Instant payout enables up to 3 transfers per day, and a withdrawal after 7 p.m. CT is captured within the next day.

What is the last day I can transfer my available funds for the week? Why is my Weekly Payout in pending status?

  • Each week's pay period ends on Sunday. Therefore, Sunday is the last day to withdraw available funds for a pay period. If available funds are left on your account after Sunday at 11:59 p.m. CT, they will be paid out in your Weekly Payout and available funds for Instant Payout will reset to $0.
  • The total amount of your Weekly Payout will display in your Payment History the following Wednesday after a pay period ends, at which time it will have a pending status. That Friday, the Weekly Payout amount will be paid to your bank account and show a transferred status in your Payment History.

I transferred my available balance, I see that the status is “failed” in my Payment History. What happened and what can I do to transfer my funds?

  • If an Instant Payout transfer fails for any reason, our payments provider will notify us and the payment status in the app will display as “failed.” If you see a "failed" status, you may try transferring your funds again after 7 p.m. CT when the $0 available balance from the attempted payment transfer updates to show your total available earnings for the week again. If you continue to see an error message on your next attempt to transfer, please contact your bank.

Why is one of my tips not showing up in my available balance?

  • If a member provided a tip of at least $50, you will not see it displayed in your current balance for Instant Payout. Tips of $50 or more are not eligible for Instant Payout but will be included in your next weekly payout. This is to help ensure the accuracy of higher tips from members as well as account security for shoppers.

If you experience any issues receiving your pay, please contact for further assistance.

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