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*Target 2021 Holiday Season Update*

When lines may be longer at cashier-based lanes during the holiday season, Target recommends that shoppers utilize self-checkout for all orders. 

Some store locations may also have additional checkout stations available for Target Prepaid orders, where shoppers can have their digital barcode scanned and order audited by a Target Team Member. However, if an order is not Prepaid, shoppers should proceed to self-checkout.

Same-day delivery for Prepaid orders is a service provided by Shipt nationwide.

Here's a quick overview of how this service works: 

  • An individual places a same-day delivery order through and selects a designated delivery window for their order to be delivered
  • A Shipt shopper claims the Prepaid order, goes to the specified Target store to shop for the requested items, and then delivers the order to the customer during the designated delivery window

Shopping a Prepaid Order

The shopping process for Prepaid orders is very similar to regular Shop & Deliver orders, but with a few differences that are important to know:

  • Prepaid orders will have a blue Prepaid label when offered through the Shopper App
  • Customers are not able to place alcohol orders through in most metros* at this time. If you see alcohol specially requested on an order, or the customer requests it via text, kindly let them know you are not able to deliver that item
    *Note: Alcohol is eligible for delivery in CA, FL, IL, MI, MO, NC, TN, and TX metros only.

Checking Out with a Prepaid Order

Once you are done shopping, you will be ready to check out. After shopping for the last item, a screen containing step-by-step instructions will display to provide guidance toward a successful Target Prepaid checkout process.

For Prepaid orders, you will NOT need to:

  • Scan items at the register
  • Upload a picture of/scan the receipt's barcode
  • Enter an order total as you would with other Shop & Deliver orders
  • Use your Shipt card for payment at any point

We recommend wearing a Shipt shirt to help Target team members quickly identify that you are a Shipt Shopper while bagging items without scanning or paying for them at self-checkout.

How to check out:

  • Tap Check Out to begin the check out process.
  • The app will display a digital receipt with all the processed items (see picture below).
  • A Target team member will need to scan the barcode of the digital receipt.
    • If there is not a Target team member stationed at self-checkout, you may have your digital receipt scanned at Guest Services or by a Target team member with the Target MyDevice.
  • Shoppers will need to show a valid ID when completing orders that contain alcohol.
  • After the Target team member has successfully scanned the digital receipt, you may bag the groceries* at a self-checkout station or an unused checkout lane. Then, you can leave the store to deliver the order.
    *Note: Due to a shortage of plastic and paper bags along with efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, Target stores discourage double-bagging items. When bagging items yourself, be sure to limit the weight of each bag to prevent the possibility of the bags breaking or tearing in transit. 

If you receive an error message during the checkout process or need to provide assistance to a Target team member who's not familiar with the Shipt partnership, please review our troubleshooting article for guidance.

What should I do if a store does not provide bags?

Due to city ordinances, some Target locations have gone bagless, meaning no paper or plastic bags will be provided at checkout for patrons or shoppers. When completing orders at these stores, shoppers should bring reusable bags or utilize a cooler bag. 

Below are a few best practices to consider when handling orders at these stores. 

  • In your introduction text, let the member know you're shopping at a store that does not offer paper or plastic bags at checkout and confirm that they're okay with a bagless delivery. 
  • If a member is not okay with a bagless delivery, let them know you're happy to purchase reusable bags to complete delivery. Be sure to communicate that the bags will be added to their order as a special request and left with their items at delivery.

How are substitutions or additional requests handled on Prepaid orders?

Substituting items on a Prepaid order works just the same as a normal order. Communicate with the customer about the out-of-stock item, and scan the barcode of the substitution to add it.

For additional items the customer asks you to add to their order via text, as long as the item is in the catalog, it can be added to the order. Scan the barcode on the item to add it to the order. Weighted items, like produce, that do not have a barcode can be added to the order by entering the weight of the item. To learn more about shopping for weighted items, click here.

If you receive an error when processing the order, items that are not in the catalog will be flagged and you will not be able to deliver that item to the customer.

Do shoppers need to return items on Prepaid orders?

Once the items have been delivered, the customer is responsible for all returns. Customers are able to return any of their items via or using their digital receipt in the store.

If the customer is unresponsive at delivery, shoppers can call Shipt HQ at (205) 502-2500. An order should not be left at an unresponsive customer’s door unless the shopper has been advised to by the customer or Shipt HQ.

For orders containing alcohol:

In metros where Target Prepaid alcohol delivery is allowed, customers must provide a valid ID and signature at the time of delivery. If the customer is unable to produce a valid ID, shoppers may deliver any non-alcoholic items but should contact Shipt Support, return the alcohol to the store, and surrender it at Guest Services.

Should shoppers purchase item warranties for Prepaid orders?

If a warranty is placed as a special request item for a Prepaid order, the shopper should mark that item as Not Found and the warranty information will be sent as an email to the customer.

Are customers able to rate and tip on Prepaid orders?

Yes. Customers will be able to rate and tip you via after you have delivered their order.

Need assistance completing a Prepaid order?

For help troubleshooting a Prepaid order, please reference this article

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