Troubleshooting a Prepaid Order

Shipt is committed to consistently improving the shopping experience, and as we continue to work on developing a seamless shopping experience, we want to provide a resource to troubleshoot issues that may arise while shopping for a Prepaid order

Review the sections below to learn how to handle potential processing error messages and/or situations where you may need to provide information to a Target team member.

Error Messages

The chart below explains a few error messages shoppers may receive while completing a Prepaid order as well as the next steps shoppers can take during these instances to resolve the issue.

Should you need further assistance with error messages, please call Shipt Support at (205) 502-2500, and our support team will be happy to help!

Assisting a Target Team Member with the Shipt Audit Process

As Target team members become more comfortable with the Shipt audit process, shoppers may need to help them become familiar with the partnership. 

If shoppers find themselves in a situation where the Target team member does not know how to complete a Shipt audit, shoppers may share the following details with them:

  • To be able to check out, the Target team member will need a MyDevice handheld tablet
    Note: each Target store has a limited quantity of MyDevices available 
  • From the home screen, the Target team member will need to tap the Shipt Audit icon to begin the process.

  • Once the Target team member is in the Shipt Audit app, they will be prompted to scan the digital receipt in the shopper's Shipt Shopper app 
  • After scanning the digital receipt, the order's details will appear on the MyDevice tablet
  • The Target team member will need to verify that all of the items on the receipt are the same items in the shopper's cart
    • If there is an extra item, the Target team member will prompt the shopper to return the item to the shelf and ask that the shopper notify the customer that they will need to process a new order with this item
  • Once the Target team member verifies the order, they will tap Looks Good to complete the audit

Exiting the Store

We recommend wearing a Shipt shirt to help Target team members quickly identify that you are a Shipt Shopper while bagging items without scanning or paying for them at self-checkout. 

In the instance that a Target team member inquires about your Prepaid order while you are bagging items or exiting the store, you can complete the following steps:

1. Kindly let the team member know that you are a Shipt Shopper completing a Prepaid order that was paid for online by the customer and show them the digital receipt.

2. If the team member has additional questions, you may call Shipt Support at (205) 502-2500, and they will be able to assist you.

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