Door Drop-off Orders

Orders that display the green "Drop-off" label are orders that should be dropped off outside the door of the delivery location instead of handed off face-to-face. Continue to communicate with customers as you normally would for each order prior to delivery — for example, sending the introduction message to open the line of communication and sending the On the Way message to prepare them for delivery. 

Check the Order Notes section on the Order Details screen to see if a specific drop-off location was requested or delivery instructions were provided. If there are no order notes, you may drop off the order at the front door of the delivery location. If you are completing a Shop and Deliver order, it is a best practice to send the customer a photo of the delivery to confirm their order has been dropped off.
*Note: If an order does not display the "drop-off" label, orders should not be dropped off without the customer's approval. Orders containing alcohol cannot be drop-off orders and should always be delivered directly to the customer, where shoppers will verify a valid ID and collect the customer's digital signature.

Shipt is rolling out a new proof of delivery feature for Delivery Only orders with a green “Drop-off” label. These orders will include a step within the app for proof of delivery, which asks shoppers to submit a photo before marking the order as delivered. This step is only available for Delivery Only orders at this time. For FAQs, click here

Delivery Only drop-off instructions:

After indicating that you’ve arrived at the delivery location, select Add proof of delivery.

  • From this screen, you’ll be prompted to take a photo of the order within the delivery site.
  • You can choose to take a photo directly in the shopper app or upload a photo from your camera roll. 
  • Once the image has been captured or uploaded, select Submit photo to Shipt.
    • If you happen to meet the customer face-to-face, you’ll select Delivered order directly to customer and will be asked to confirm.* 
      *Note: You should only skip the photo process if you deliver the order directly to the customer. 
  • Then, you’ll mark the order delivered in the app as usual.
  • After marking the order as delivered in the app, you may choose to knock on the door and send the customer a message informing them that their order has been successfully dropped off. 

Best practices for taking photos of door drop-off orders:

  • Take the photo 4 to 6 feet from the door. 
  • The order should take up at least ⅓ of the photo. 
  • If the delivered package is small, be sure to submit an image that clearly identifies the package. You may also send a second image to the customer for additional proof.
  • It is ok to include a house or apartment number in the photo. Do not take a photo of the entire residence. 
  • Do not take photos of people or animals. 
  • Do not take photos of any vehicle or license plate.




What should I do if I can't find the customer's address?

  • If you can't locate the delivery address, make an attempt to call the customer. If there is no response, contact Shipt HQ at 205-502-2500 for further instructions.

Where does the picture go for Delivery Only orders once I submit it within the app?

  • Shipt will share the photo with the retailer to confirm that the order was successfully delivered and assist customers in locating the items.

Why is the picture proof of delivery for Delivery Only orders? Will this be available for Shop and Deliver orders?

  • We’re currently testing this feature with Delivery Only orders and gathering feedback. It is still recommended to send a photo for proof of delivery via text message on Shop and Deliver orders.

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