Shopping for Weighted Items

When a member requests a weighted item, instead of shopping by the quantity, you will shop by the item's total weight. 

If an item is sold by the pound (example: deli meat or cheese), a quantity of 1.5 would mean 1 ½ lbs (pounds). Be sure to add the decimal point when entering weights into the app — 1.5 lbs is very different from 15 lbs!

  • Tap Add Package to enter the weight of a package
  • Enter the weight of the individual package, including the decimal point
  • After entering the item weight, you will be prompted to scan the item's barcode
    • You can also tap Scan Package to scan the item's barcode
  • The app will display how much more or less weight is needed to match the requested amount as you add each package. 
    • Aim to get as close to the requested amount as possible based on what is available in the store.
    • If you need to add additional packages to match the requested amount, follow the same steps above
  • When you're finished, tap Add to Cart

If the item in stock weighs significantly different than the weight requested, a best practice would be to contact the member to ask them if they would prefer the item to be more under or overweight. You can tap the message icon in the top right corner of the screen to contact the member. 

  • If a member is unsure how much meat they need, a good rule of thumb is to suggest 1–1.5 lbs per person for large birds such as turkeys (this accounts for bone weight) or .5–1 lb for deboned meat.


How do I add produce items by weight?

Some produce, like grapes, cherries, or brussell sprouts, are not able to be sold by eaches. Similar to the process when shopping for meat and cheese, if the app prompts you to add produce to your cart by weight, do so by entering the poundage (i.e. 1 ½ lbs would be keyed in as 1.5). 

  • Tap Add Package to enter the weight of a package
  • Weigh the produce on one of the scales in the produce section
  • Enter the weight of the produce from the scale, including the decimal point
  • Tap Scan Package to scan the item's barcode, if available, which will populate the UPC
  • To add additional packages, follow the same steps above
  • If you need to remove a package, tap the X icon
  • When you're finished, tap Add to Cart

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