Shipt Card FAQ

How do I add my Shipt card to my account?

The card provided in your package is your own personal Shipt card. You can activate your Shipt card and add it to your account in the Shopper app.
*Note: If you did not receive your Shipt card in your new shopper welcome package, please contact

Shoppers who have reached the 500 shops milestone will be issued a personalized card with their name. These cards can be added by entering the name as it appears on the card. 

  • Tap Account from the main menu
  • Tap Add new Shipt card

Click here to find troubleshooting tips for entering your card details. 

When and how do I use my Shipt card to pay for orders?

Your Shipt card is what you will use to pay for certain types of orders during checkout and should be run as credit.

Orders that do require payment, in which you should use your Shipt card:

  • Shop & Deliver
  • Shop Only

Orders that do not require payment, in which you should not use your Shipt card:

  • Delivery Only orders
  • Prepaid orders
  • Prepaid/Shop Only orders

*Note: In order to combat credit card fraud, some stores limit credit card purchases to 5 per card per day. In the occurrence that you have shopped more than 5 orders in a day and have issues using your card during checkout for the 6th order, live chat or call Shopper Support at (205) 502-2500 for help.

Can Shipt Cards be added to mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay?

At this time, using mobile wallets can cause processing issues, so shoppers will need to swipe their Shipt cards at the checkout terminal.

What should I do if my card doesn't work?

Card declines can happen for several reasons such as a member adding multiple items to their order after you've started shopping or using an expired or damaged Shipt card at checkout. In the event that your Shipt card malfunctions while you're attempting to use it, contact Shipt Support immediately at (205) 502-2500 so they can further assist you. 

  • After calling support, if you are unable to pay for an order using your Shipt card, you can be reimbursed if you use your personal card to pay for the order.
  • Please note for Delivery Only, Prepaid, and prescription orders no payment is required. To process these orders correctly, you should not use your Shipt card or a personal card.

Can I get a replacement card?

If you are an active shopper and your Shipt card is lost, stolen, or about to expire, replacement cards can be ordered* from the Shipt Shop. Be sure to use the email and mailing address associated with your shopper account when placing your order. Once you receive your replacement card, enter and save your new card's details to the app to ensure it will be funded properly for your next order.
*Note: Only orders made by active Shipt shoppers will be fulfilled. There is a limit of 1 card per order. Shoppers can have a maximum of 2 Shipt cards associated with their account at any given time, and Shipt cards can only be registered with 1 shopper account. If a shopper has more than one active card on their account, they will need to contact Shipt HQ to have a card removed before attempting to order a new one.

If your Shipt card has expired, please fill out the Shipt Gear Form, and we will replace it.

If I need a replacement Shipt card, can I be reimbursed if I use my personal card?

Yes. If you lose your Shipt card or your card malfunctions, and you are unable to pay for an order that requires in-store payment, you can be reimbursed if you use your own personal card while you wait for a replacement Shipt card.*
*Note: Shipt does not offer reimbursement for expenses incurred while shopping or delivering including, but not limited to, gas, parking fees, parking tickets, or tolls. Consult with a tax professional to see if those expenses can be written off on your taxes.

Reimbursement Request Process:

  • The total reimbursement request should be less than $500 for all submitted orders per pay period. Approval from Shipt HQ is required to process a request for more than $500.
  • Include the following information with your request:
    • Shopper ID (found in the account section of the shopper app)
    • Order number for which you are requesting reimbursement and amount of requested reimbursement
    • Photo of the full receipt that includes the entire order, including the portion of the receipt with all of the payment details. If we cannot verify the receipt with the payment listed, we won't be able to reimburse you.
  • Hold onto the receipt for orders in which you are requesting reimbursement 

Submit a reimbursement request
Reimbursement schedule

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