Delivering from Best Buy

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to know about delivering from Best Buy.

How do Delivery Only orders from Best Buy work?

Delivery Only orders from Best Buy are time-flexible, which means shoppers can pick up and deliver the order anytime between its "ready for pickup" and "deliver by" times. The "Early OK" label will also display on the order card to help shoppers identify it is okay to deliver early. 

  • Time-flexible orders will be offered to shoppers who are on the schedule for that day regardless of scheduled delivery windows, and shoppers can decide how best to fit them into their schedule.
  • For optimal order success, it is recommended for shoppers to plan on picking up a time-flexible Delivery Only order when they will be able to deliver it right after leaving the store to avoid order misplacement or damage. 
  • Since these orders can be delivered at any time, shoppers should send an On the Way text message to notify the customer their order will be delivered shortly.

To learn more about time-flexible Delivery Only orders, click here. 

How do shoppers pick up orders from Best Buy?

Shoppers should drive around to the back door of the store and then tap Arrived at store in the app. Delivery hours for Shipt orders may vary from in-store hours for customers. If the front of the store appears closed, shoppers should still proceed to the back door.

To help you easily identify Best Buy’s back door, look for the Shipt Pick-up sticker (displayed below) and a doorbell.  

Shoppers should ring the doorbell once and wait for the store associate to come to the door. Shoppers should present the Retailer Order ID number in the app to the store associate and then wait while they locate the order. 

After the store associate has retrieved the order, shoppers should confirm the customer’s name and Retailer Order ID number (located below the QR code) match what is listed in the app and sign for the order on the associate’s handheld device. 

Most orders will be packed in unmarked, brown paper boxes. Once shoppers have received the order, they should select Mark as picked up in the app prior to leaving the store.

If a Best Buy employee is struggling with an order pick-up or return, shoppers can encourage them to reference the "Best Buy Same Day Delivery SOP" from September 10th on the Best Buy intranet to assist the Best Buy store associate.

Are there item restrictions for Best Buy delivery orders?

Most items will be placed within a brown paper box for shoppers to pick up. Large, bulky items that may not fit inside a standard-sized car or weigh more than 40 lbs are not eligible for delivery. For example, TVs that are more than 50" x 30" in size are not eligible for shoppers to deliver. 

What should shoppers do with the receipt?

Receipts for Delivery Only orders should be passed on to the customer since they are ordering directly from the retailer and not through Shipt. Shoppers may place the receipt in one of the bags or boxes if it is handed to them at pickup.

What do shoppers do if the customer isn't home?

Orders delivered from Best Buy will have the green “Drop-Off” label indicating that they can be dropped off outside the door of the delivery location instead of handing off face-to-face.

Some best practices to consider for Drop-orders are:

  • Check the Order Notes section on the Order Details screen to see if a specific drop-off location was requested or delivery instructions were provided. 
  • Continue to communicate with customers as you normally would for each order prior to delivery — for example, sending the on the way text to prepare them for delivery.
  • After placing the bags at the drop-off location, you may send the customer a message informing them their order has been successfully dropped off. A best practice is to send a photo of the order at their door for proof of delivery.

Shoppers can also choose to knock on the door to notify the customer that their order has been delivered prior to walking away and sending a drop-off delivery confirmation message. 


If delivery cannot be made, shoppers should notify Shipt HQ and return the order to the Best Buy location it was picked up from. Shoppers should proceed to the store's back door, ring the doorbell, and let the associate know the delivery could not be made. Per Best Buy policy, Delivery Only returns should not be processed in the store and a Shipt card should never be used. 

What should shoppers do if a customer has a problem with their order?

Shipt Shoppers are responsible for maintaining item integrity during transportation for Best Buy.

Shoppers may politely direct the customer to contact Best Buy if faced with questions about the following:

  • Item selection
  • Add on items 
  • Substitutions 
  • Wrong or missing items
  • Order packaging

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