Time-Flexible Delivery Only Orders

While some Delivery Only orders have designated delivery windows, others are time-flexible. With a time-flexible Delivery Only order, shoppers can pick up and deliver the order anytime between its "ready for pickup" and "deliver by" times. For optimal order success, it is recommended for shoppers to plan on picking up a flexible Delivery Only order when they can complete the delivery right after leaving the store to avoid order misplacement or damage.

To help shoppers identify when these orders can be picked up and delivered, order cards will display:

  • A "deliver by" delivery window: 
    • This time shows when the order should be delivered to the customer to be considered on time.
    • For example, "Today, deliver by 4 pm" means the order should be delivered to the customer before 4pm.
  • A "ready for pickup" time:
    • This time shows when the store will have the order ready for the shopper to pick up.
    • For example, "Ready for pickup: 10am" means the order will be ready for pickup starting at 10am.

With this flexibility, these orders will be offered to shoppers who are on the schedule for that day regardless of scheduled delivery windows, and shoppers can decide how best to fit them into their schedule.

  • For example, a shopper is on the schedule from 9 am–3 pm. They receive a Best Buy Delivery Only order offer with a "Today, deliver by 4pm" delivery window. Even though the shopper isn't scheduled through 4 pm, the order is offered to them because they are on the schedule for that day and the order can be delivered early.

Since these orders can be delivered at any time, shoppers should send an On the Way text message to notify the customer their order will be delivered shortly. 

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