Communicating with Members

Communication is key to providing excellent customer service to Shipt members. Shipt Shoppers communicate through text messages, phone calls, and face-to-face interactions with members. 

Below are answers for common shopper communication FAQ!

What are the different forms of communication I may have with a member?

  • Text Messages: 
    Great communication focuses on delivering amazing service through friendly and thoughtful interactions. One example of this is sending the pre-formatted texts provided in your app to let members know when you're starting to shop or on your way to deliver — feel free to add on to these messages to share your personality! When the member's preference is to be contacted for substitutions, providing clear communication and quality substitution options is another great opportunity for positive interactions with members.
  • Phone Calls:
    Some members are not able to receive text messages, so you may give them a quick call on their landline to open the line of communication for them. Additionally, if the member has a substitution preference of "contact member," and you're unable to reach the member via text, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call the member.
  • Face-to-Face Interaction:
    When engaging with a member face-to-face, being friendly and saying thank you after delivering their order can go a long way! Shipt recommends shoppers wear face masks while delivering orders face-to-face.

Check the member notes for more specific contact directions—our best shoppers report higher ratings and better tips when they complete orders accurately using the provided pre-formatted messages and following the member's general preference for substitutions.

What messages should I send for different services?

While the frequency and timing of communicating with the member is up to you, there are recommended times to contact a member based on the type of order and the member's substitution preferences.

Introduction text:  
(in-app message prompt provided when you begin shopping)

  • When shoppers send an introduction text at the beginning of an order, it opens the line of communication between the shopper and the member. On top of allowing members to be able to reach if you if needed, it also lets the member know that their order is on track and gives them an opportunity to add items if needed.
  • Applicable for:
    • Shop & Deliver orders
    • Shop Only orders
    • Prepaid orders

Substitution text:  
(in-app message prompt provided when an item is marked as not found)

  • When an item is out of stock and the member has selected Contact Member as their substitution preference, you will need to inform them which item is unavailable and ask if they would like anything else instead. You can even provide suggestions for alternative items to ensure they get what they need — this can help the member make a decision quickly as well as enhance their overall satisfaction with your performance, which can lead to higher ratings and pay.
  • Applicable for:
    • Shop & Deliver orders
    • Shop Only orders
    • Prepaid orders

Ready for Pick Up text:
(in-app message prompt provided after checkout)

  • Have a Shop Only order ready to be picked up by the member? Sending them a ready for pick up text is a great way to inform the member that you're done shopping for their order. The member will text you upon arrival as long as you have opened the line of communication by texting them first.
  • Applicable for:
    • Shop Only orders

On The Way text:
(in-app message prompt provided after checkout)

  • When you have finished checking out and are ready to deliver an order, letting the member know you are on the way is highly encouraged. This allows the member to know when to expect your arrival and communicate any unique delivery instructions if needed — you can even go the extra mile by letting them know an ETA.
  • Applicable for:
    • Shop & Deliver orders
    • Delivery Only orders
    • Prepaid orders

Thank You text: 
(in-app message prompt is not provided)

  • Once you've completed your delivery, you may choose to send a thank you text. While these messages are completely optional and up to you to write, simply saying thank you and/or that you hope the member has a nice day can be a great way to make members feel appreciated. If you send a thank you text, experienced shoppers recommend not mentioning shopper ratings or tips — doing so can make the member feel uncomfortable, which can result in a negative member experience and lower ratings and tips.
    Want to add a graphic to your thank you message? Click here to see our thank you graphics for each order type.
  • Applicable for:
    • all order types

Do Delivery Only or Shop Only orders require special communication?

Great communication during shop only and delivery only orders helps ensure the member has an amazing experience. This means looking at the member's substitution preferences and communicating with the member accordingly.

  • Shop Only orders:
    Texting the member around 1.5 to 2 hours prior to shopping for their order to confirm the pickup time can help ensure that you'll be able to mark the order as delivered within the delivery window. You should also communicate along the shopping process as you would a Shop & Deliver order.
  • Delivery Only* orders:
    The only communication that is needed for Delivery Only orders is simply sending an On the Way text to notify the customer that you've picked up their order and are headed to their delivery location.
    *Note: Rx orders are Delivery Only orders, even though a certification is required to claim and deliver them.

What should I do if a member requests for me to reschedule their order to a different delivery window?

If you are able to accommodate the new delivery window requested and would like to keep the order on your schedule, you may reach out to Support and inform them of the member's request and that you would like to be the shopper for the order at the new time.

If you are unable to accommodate the new delivery window requested, you may let the member know they can reach out to Support to have their order rescheduled. You can then drop the order from your schedule, or Support will release you from the order when rescheduling it for the member.

How do I communicate with members that have a landline phone?

When a member has a landline, an order note will appear, along with any other notes left by a member, which identifies the member's number as a landline that can't receive texts. If a member has a landline and cannot text, it is still important to make sure you communicate updates and substitutions with members who have requested to be contacted.

When you know the order is a landline prior to shopping, most shoppers find success by calling the member as soon as they arrive at the store to let them know that you will be their shopper and to see if they need you to add anything else. 

With this call or if you call after unresponsiveness, you can ask the member if they would prefer that you call them with each item that needs to be substituted as you come across it or if they would prefer for you to call them with all the substitutions at once at the end of the shop. 

After you get all items on the list, give the member one last call to let them know that you are heading to check out and will be on the way to them immediately after.

To review more information on how to receive positive feedback through communication, take a look at this article.

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