Completing Multiple Orders Together

Once you have successfully delivered more than 10 orders, you will be eligible to claim more than one order per delivery window and complete those orders simultaneously.

Whether you claim bundles paired by Shipt or decide to manually pair orders, the following best practices can help increase efficiency throughout the shopping, checkout, and delivery process. 

Claiming Multiple Orders:

  • Before claiming a bundle or multiple individual orders with the same delivery window, a best practice is to review the information provided on the offer card, including time estimates and order type labels and provided information on the offer card.

Shopping for Multiple Orders:

  • Double-checking before sending a message or calling to ensure the right member receives the right communication.
  • Utilizing the color-coded member icons in the Shopping List to assist you in keeping your orders organized while you shop. 
    • Bundle stickers match the color-coded member icons in the app. Utilize these to label each order's items while you shop.
  • Using reusable bags or insulated cooler bags to keep each member's order separate in your cart.

Checking out with Multiple Orders:

  • Confirm that you have the correct items for each order by reviewing the items in the app as you place them on the checkout counter.
  • Utilize Trolley bags, reusable bags, or insulated cooler bags to keep orders separated for delivery.
  • Be sure to enter the correct order total for each order after checking out to ensure each customer is charged the right amount.

Delivering Multiple Orders:

  • Review your route, which can help ensure you can deliver both orders within the selected delivery window.
  • Placing items in reusable or insulated bags after checking out can help you keep orders separated and secure during transit to avoid delivering any wrong items. It also helps ensure temperature-sensitive items maintain optimal quality when delivering to more than one location.
  • A great way to separate orders in your car is by placing one order in the passenger seat and the other order in the back seat.

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