Shipt Shopper Milestones

Shopper Milestones are a way that Shipt recognizes and rewards shoppers for their hard work and commitment throughout their shopper journey. Check out the different levels of Shopper Milestones below to see what exciting rewards may be in your future as you continue to Bring the Magic!
*Note: Shopper Milestone packages are shipped as shoppers reach new milestones. Shoppers can expect to receive their milestone package at the address provided in their shopper account within a few weeks.
Shipt Shopper Milestones

Check out all of the sweet rewards you can look forward to as you complete these key accomplishments during your time as a Shipt Shopper. 

30 Shops

  • Get your graduation pack, including 2 Shipt t-shirts and an insulated bag. Kudos to you! 

500 Shops

  • Shipt has paused this reward and is working on a new, improved iteration for the 500 shop milestone. Shoppers who have completed 500 shops will be notified of the new reward when it goes into effect.

1,000 Shops

  • Wear your 1K club badge of honor by selecting an exclusive Shipt gear item. You deserve it!

2,500 Shops

  • Receive a gift card of your choice and some exclusive Shipt gear. Time to treat yourself!

5,000 Shops

  • Select a generous gift card and some exclusive Shipt gear. You've earned it! 

7,500 Shops

  • Pick out a big ticket item along with some exclusive Shipt gear. Cha-ching! 

10,000 Shops

  • Enjoy a vacation and some well-deserved "you" time on us. Plus, exclusive Shipt gear! 

15,000 Shops

  • Pocket a hefty direct deposit to celebrate completing this hefty achievement. Talk about shopping!

* contents of Shipt Shopper Milestones packages may vary

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