Selecting Substitution Items

A substitution is an item you get in place of an originally requested item that is unavailable in the store. If a requested item appears to be out of stock, consider asking a store associate to check the stockroom for an item's availability prior to beginning the substitution process.

When you need to make a substitution, a best practice is to look for an item that has similar qualities to the originally requested item. 

Grocery Items

  1. Size: same item in a different size
  2. Diet: similar dietary preferences
  3. Flavor: similar flavor or fragrance
  4. Brand: similar item by the same brand
  5. Price: similar price

Apparel & Decor Items

  1. Size: same item in a different size
  2. Style: similar design or pattern
  3. Color: similar color or tone
  4. Material: similar material or fabric
  5. Price: similar price

Recommended Substitutions

The recommended substitutions feature displays suggestions for substitution items on the Choose a substitute screen after you mark an item as not found.

If shoppers decide to utilize recommended substitutions, they should still contact members with a Contact Me preference to confirm they approve of the substitution option. Once you are sure which item you wish to substitute with, select it from the list of recommendations to continue the substitution process.  

We hope that recommended substitutions can help you confidently and efficiently select quality substitution items for originally requested items, which may increase overall customer satisfaction and the potential for positive feedback and tips.

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