Shopping at WD's

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to know about shopping at WD’s.

Do shoppers need to ask for tax exemption?

Yes. Once shoppers get to check out, tap Check Out in the app, they should let the cashier know the order is tax-exempt and present the barcode to be scanned. If the barcode does not scan, proceed with checkout and ask the cashier to use the store supervisor card.

What items are prohibited?

Shoppers cannot deliver tobacco or gift cards from WD’s. Click here to view the full list of prohibited items for all Shipt orders. 

If any of these items are on an order, shoppers can kindly let the member know that those items are not eligible for delivery with Shipt. If the member requests more information, shoppers may politely recommend that they reach out to Shipt Support for further details.

Should shoppers use a rewards card at checkout?

No, shoppers should not use a rewards card at checkout.

Will shoppers need to bag items at checkout?

Yes, shoppers will be responsible for bagging items at checkout. Tips on bagging can be found here!

Alcohol Returns

For WD’s alcohol orders, if a member is not home, unable to produce a valid ID, or is intoxicated at the time of delivery,* shoppers should return alcohol items back to the store of purchase
*Note: Alcohol items that have to be returned due to these reasons will not be refunded.

To return alcohol items, shoppers should present the store receipt with the items that need to be surrendered to an associate at the customer service desk.

Can non-alcohol items be returned?

WD’s cannot accept returns after shoppers leave the store. Therefore, shoppers should process orders before leaving WD’s to ensure you will be able to return items if necessary.
*Note: If the member’s card is declined while you are still in-store, you may return non-perishables only.

What should shoppers do if a member has an issue with their order from WD’s? 

Politely apologize to the member and suggest that they contact Shipt Support via live chat,, or (205) 502-2500 to get assistance with the issue — the support team will be happy to help!

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