Bagging Items for an Order

Member satisfaction plays a significant role in the success of your business. One component of member satisfaction is bagging items so that members receive undamaged items that are safe for consumption.

Members may also include instructions about their bag preference (paper, plastic, etc.), so remember to check the order notes carefully. You may need to bag your own groceries at certain retailers, so always be prepared to do so if necessary.

You may use any effective means that you would like in order to ensure you are satisfying the needs of your members. Below are some of our bagging best practices!
*Note: Some states ban the use of plastic bags, where shoppers will be required to use reusable or paper bags while shopping and delivering.

While Shopping:

  • Bag raw meat separately from other items.
  • Separate food from cleaning products.
  • Keep temperature-sensitive items together in the cart.

At Checkout:

  • Group items together by temperature on the belt.
  • Ensure the safety of fragile items by separating them from the rest of the order so they can be properly bagged and placed into the cart with care.
  • If you are shopping for more than one order, you may decide to bag one order in paper and the other in plastic to keep the orders separate.
    *Note: Keep in mind that members may have provided a bag preference.
  • If bagging items yourself, be sure to limit the weight of each bag to limit the possibility of bags breaking/tearing. If a store associate bagged the order for you, check the bags while reloading your cart.

After Checkout:

  • Place all temperature-sensitive items in insulated cooler bags to keep them at their optimal temperature for delivery.
    *Note: Do not overload insulated cooler bags. Make sure there is enough room to zip/close the bag without damaging the items inside.

At Bagless Stores:

  • Due to city ordinances, some Target locations have gone bagless, meaning no paper or plastic bags will be provided at checkout for patrons or shoppers. When completing orders at these stores, shoppers should bring reusable bags or utilize a cooler bag.

    Below are a few best practices to consider when handling orders at these stores. 

    • In your introduction text, let the member know you're shopping at a store that does not offer paper or plastic bags at checkout and confirm that they're okay with a bagless delivery. 
    • If a member is not okay with a bagless delivery, let them know you're happy to purchase reusable bags to complete delivery. Be sure to communicate that the bags will be added to their order as a special request and left with their items at delivery.

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