What items are prohibited from being delivered?

Prohibited items are items that are unable to be delivered to a member. If you see any of these items on an order, you can send the member a friendly reminder that you are not able to deliver those items. Be sure to check the retailer guide for any specialty items that may be prohibited by the retailer as well. 

The following items are prohibited from being delivered:

  • Alcohol, including non-alcoholic beer and wine *
  • Prescription medications *
  • Tobacco products
  • Any over-the-counter medication that contains pseudoephedrine
  • Lottery tickets
  • Movie tickets
  • Toll passes
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Propane tanks 20 pounds or over *
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Dry ice
  • Fireworks and sparklers
  • Gift cards *
  • Items from in-store vendors such as Starbucks or Target Café
  • Live animals such as fish, insects, birds, or hamsters
    • This also includes live seafood such as lobsters, raw oysters, and crawfish
  • In Hawaii, bicycles with wheels 20 inches or larger

*Note: there are exceptions for these items. Please review the information below.

Item Exceptions

  • Alcohol & Prescription Medications: Certain metros allow delivery of alcohol and prescriptions, however, certifications must be passed in order for shoppers to be able to deliver those items. Refer to our Alcohol Delivery and Prescription Delivery articles to see if these services are prohibited in your area.

  • Tobacco Products: Smoking cessation products, including patches or gum, are deliverable since there are no FDA regulations on those products.

  • Propane Tanks: 1 pound camping propane tanks and catering burners can be delivered to a member.

  • Gift Cards: Gift cards requested by members are prohibited from being purchased and delivered. However, if the cashier provides you with a promotional gift card for the member on behalf of the retailer during check out, the gift card should be delivered to the member. Learn more.
    • Shoppers are allowed to purchase the Shipt membership gift card ($49) in Target stores, which will be listed as a special request item. 

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