Shopper Safety FAQ

What are some ways to stay safe while delivering?

  • If you are in an emergency situation, contact 911 right away. If you ever feel unsafe while shopping and delivering, you may use the safety assistance feature on the Help tab of the app.
  • Since shopper safety is a top priority, delivery to parked vehicles is not encouraged.

Where can I learn about Shipt’s safety policies and platform securities?

  • We have a dedicated team working to ensure that our customer and shopper community feels safe and confident with every order. To visit our Shopper Safety website or report an issue, click here.

What should I do to report an emergency?

  • If you are involved in an emergency incident that you believe threatens your personal safety, we suggest first contacting local law enforcement in your area by calling 911 or your local non-emergency line.
  • After contacting 911, we recommend contacting Shipt Support – they will escalate your report to our Trust and Safety Team right away. You may also be asked to complete an Incident Report to gather additional details. To report an issue, click here.

How do I report a non-emergency safety incident?

  • Our dedicated Shipt Support team is here 24/7 to support you via live chat, phone, or email, and they will escalate your report to our Trust and Safety Team. You may also be asked to complete an Incident Report to gather additional details.
  • Should you ever experience an issue with a customer that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you may reach out to Shipt Support to document the issue and request to be unpaired from the customer. To report an issue, click here.

Do I have to enter the customer's home?

  • Providing awesome customer service is crucial to helping make your business a successful one. It is entirely up to you to decide how you would like to ensure you are providing an excellent customer experience upon delivery.
  • Offering to bring an order into a customer's house is one way many shoppers choose to help and provide great customer service. However, you are not required to enter customers' homes and should only do so if you feel comfortable. 
  • If you do not feel comfortable entering a customer's home, you may hand off the customer's bags to them at their door. To provide a positive experience, please be considerate of the weight of items you are handing off to the customer and try not to hand off too many bags at one time.

What should I do if I'm in a car accident while I'm on the way to shop or deliver an order?

  • First, contact the appropriate authorities to receive roadside assistance and document what happened. Afterward, call or live chat Shipt Support to provide details of the accident and determine the best next course of action. If applicable, you will be provided with an Incident Report Form that you may fill out at your earliest convenience.

Is there a way to protect my shopper account?

  • At Shipt, we take your account security seriously. One of the ways we support you is by investing in tools and controls that protect against suspicious activity, and 2-factor authentication is one of the most critical ways to protect your account and personal info. To learn more, click here.

Does Shipt have a firearms policy?

  • Yes. It’s important that customers and store associates feel safe using our service. Therefore, shoppers are prohibited from possessing firearms while shopping and/or delivering orders. 
  • Any shopper found to have violated this policy will lose their ability to be a Shipt shopper.
  • To review which items are prohibited from being delivered, click here.

What's the best way to safely get hard-to-reach products in the store?

  • While shopping for an order, shoppers should follow the retailers’ store guidelines and rules applicable to all guests. This may include asking a store employee for help if an item is too high on a shelf, never climbing the shelves, and not using something to knock down an item.

Can I smoke while shopping and delivering?

  • Smoking while delivering for Shipt is strongly discouraged. Items delivered to customers that smell of smoke can be considered damaged, and customers will rate and tip according to their experience.
  • Tobacco smoke and the lingering odor it produces is an irritant that can cause allergic reactions ranging from mild breathing problems to severe asthma attacks. Please be mindful of these irritants when shopping and delivering to customers. 

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