Shopping at Lidl

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to know about shopping at Lidl.

What is Lidl?

Lidl is a private-label, limited assortment retailer with a weekly rotating assortment of food and non-food specials.

What do I do if I cannot find an item at Lidl?

If you are looking for perishable goods, check the Special section in the back of the store. Many seasonal items are located here.

Lidl uses mixed cases and will have up to 3-4 different flavors or types of the same product in the same box, carton, or hook. For example, when shopping for shredded cheese, Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Mexican could all be in the same box.

Look in all cases available on the store floor to find the correct item. Sometimes an item missing from the top case will be available in the case underneath.

Similar products are displayed in the same shelf carton or on the same hook. Pay careful attention to the flavor/type of the requested item, and be aware that what you are looking for could be right behind another similar product.

If you are unable to locate an item, you can ask a store associate for help and they will be able to direct you to the item's location.
*Note: We recommend checking for requested fresh bakery items early in your shop. That way, if a requested bakery item is not on display, you can ask a bakery associate when the next bake time will be.

Do shoppers need to ask for tax exemption?

Yes. When checking out at Lidl, follow these steps to request tax exemption: 

  • Notify the cashier that the order is tax-exempt.
  • Present the Lidl specific barcode to the cashier. This barcode provides your tax ID number, requests that the cashier call a Lidl Supervisor for assistance, and allows Lidl to track tax-exempt Shipt orders.

Can shoppers use self-checkout at Lidl?

No, Lidl would like shoppers to use a checkout lane with a store attendant.

What items are prohibited?

Shoppers cannot deliver alcohol*, tobacco, prescription/behind the counter medication, or gift cards from Lidl. Click here to view the full list of prohibited items for all Shipt orders.
*Note: Alcohol delivery certified shoppers are able to deliver alcohol in North Carolina, Virginia, and VA zip codes in the Washington D.C. metro only. 

If any of these items are on an order, shoppers can kindly let the member know that those items are not eligible for delivery with Shipt. If the member requests more information, shoppers may politely recommend that they reach out to Shipt Support for further details.

Should shoppers use a rewards card at checkout?

Yes. If a member has linked their MyLidl rewards account, their number will display in-app to be entered at checkout. If a member has not linked their MyLidl rewards account, the app will skip this step in the check out process.

Will shoppers need to purchase grocery bags during checkout at Lidl?

A best practice is to grab some paper bags when entering Lidl to begin shopping and carry these with you as you shop so you can pre-bag the items. Your Shipt card will be funded to cover the cost of all bags purchased. 

Will shoppers need to bag items at checkout?

Yes. Lidl has a unique checkout belt system. Once you have purchased your groceries, the items will be funneled into 1 of 2 belts. Follow your items and bag them at whichever belt they are sent to.

Tips on bagging can be found here!

In Virginia: 

Alcohol must be stickered when being purchased for delivery. The cashier will provide shoppers with stickers to certify alcohol delivery. The stickers must be placed on any bags or cases containing alcohol.

What do I do if the receipt won't scan into the app? 

After checking out, you'll be prompted to scan the barcode on the physical receipt. If the app’s scanner has trouble capturing the receipt barcode, you can manually input the 8-digit number (NNNNNN/NN) below the barcode. 

How are bag fees handled at Lidl?

After processing the order, shoppers should take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app, which will then prompt for the bag fee. 

Bag fees are generally found on the store receipt. Shoppers can ask the cashier the bag fee total if it can't be located on the receipt. Enter that total and continue processing the order. If no bags were purchased for the order, shoppers should put the fee total as $0 and finish processing the order.

Can items be returned?

Yes, all items, except for perishables, can be returned to the store where they were originally purchased.
*Note: Lidl has the right to accept or refuse returns for any items.

To complete a return for a Lidl order:

  • Present the original receipt and your Shipt card at Customer Support. 
  • Write the order number on the receipt and take a picture of it after the store attendant has completed the return
  • Email the picture to

Alcohol Returns

For Lidl alcohol orders, if a member is not home, unable to produce a valid ID, or is intoxicated at the time of delivery,* shoppers should return alcohol items back to the store of purchase.
*Alcohol items that have to be returned due to these reasons will not be refunded.

To return alcohol items, shoppers should present the store receipt with the items that need to be returned to an associate at the customer service desk.

What should shoppers do if a member has an issue with their order from Lidl? 

Politely apologize to the member and suggest that they contact Shipt Support via live chat,, or (205) 502-2500 to get assistance with the issue — the support team will be happy to help!

What is shopLidl?

Lidl customers can utilize same-day delivery through Shipt using the shopLidl site. The shopper side of the experience remains the same whether members order through shopLidl or Shipt. You’ll receive, shop, and deliver both Shipt and Lidl home delivery orders through your Shipt Shopper app. Pay and rating systems are also the same.

What is Lidl Express?

Lidl Express is a new, unique store format in Arlington, VA. It is a smaller store, with an abbreviated stock selection and an emphasis on convenience store staples and fresh food. Paid street parking is available in front of the store and across from the park.

Upon arrival, let a Lidl Express store associate know you’re shopping for a Shipt order. Lidl Express has a dedicated shopping cart they will provide you. Then, locate bags near the checkout terminals to be able to bag your order while you shop! When you’re done shopping, head to checkout with a store associate as Shipt orders cannot be processed using a self-checkout terminal. Once you’re ready to deliver, return the cart to the store associate. 

*Note: The full-service checkout is located near the orange juice machine! 

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