Refresher FAQ

What is the Best Practices Refresher? 

You may receive the refresher course through email if your shopper stats fall below the thresholds outlined below. This can also be found in the Shopper Success Fundamentals article. The Shopper Best Practices Refresher has information that can help you improve areas of your business.

Why did I receive a refresher?

The Shopper Best Practices Refresher addresses three aspects of shopping: your average rating, on-time percentage, and accuracy for your last 50 orders. 

  • Average Rating
    If your average rating falls below a 4.7, you’ll learn best practices that you can utilize for accuracy while shopping and delivering orders, uncover helpful methods to navigate difficult situations, avoid late deliveries, and still Bring the Magic!

  • On-Time %
    If your on-time percentage falls below 90%, you can learn helpful strategies that you can utilize while shopping and delivering orders to avoid late deliveries and improve your On-Time %.
    *Note: The Late Delivery Refresher- Delivery Only is based on the on-time percentage for your Delivery Only orders. This stat is not available in your shopper app but you can see late delivery only orders in your order history.

  • Accuracy
    If multiple orders have poor substitution, damaged or wrong item feedback, you’ll find tips on how to shop more accurately and deliver the best customer experience.
    *Note: If your average rating is above the stated expectation when you receive the refresher, you should still take 15-20 minutes to complete it.

I received the refresher, what do I do next?

If you receive the Shopper Best Practices Refresher, take a moment to read through the email. Consider taking the refresher immediately if time allows. If you’re in a rush, you may decide to set aside 15-20 minutes later that day to complete the refresher to ensure you don’t forget. You’ll have seven days to complete the refresher before you’re temporarily deactivated from the Shopper app.

*Note: The email will indicate the deadline to complete the refresher.

I forgot to take the refresher, what do I do now?

You have seven days from the initial refresher email to complete the refresher before you’re temporarily deactivated from the Shopper app. You’ll receive a reminder after four days if you haven’t completed it. 

If you’ve been temporarily deactivated, find the email in your inbox and follow the link to complete the refresher. Your account will be automatically reactivated shortly after completing the refresher, so there’s no need to contact Shipt Support. 

You will be able to complete any orders you previously claimed if you’ve been temporarily deactivated for a refresher.

*Note: If you’re deactivated for the Late Delivery Refresher- Delivery Only course you will need to respond to the email you received to be reactivated to the Shopper app.

What happens after I complete the refresher?

Shopper stats are rolling averages, so continuous shopping can undo the effects of falling below expectations and give you the opportunity to put newly learned tips in action! Your stats may not change right away, so shopper stats are evaluated on improvement since completing a refresher course.  Email any questions you have about your stats to

I’m deactivated, but I don’t think I received a refresher.

If you’re deactivated from the Shopper app, first consider reviewing your email inbox for an email from Shipt HQ. Review the email you’ve received for information on whether you may be reactivated to the Shopper app. 

*Note: Please email to inquire about the status of your shopper app. Shipt Shopper Support will be unable to provide details that may lead to reactivating your shopper app.

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