Rating and Late Forgiveness Requests

Shipt offers rating and late forgiveness as a courtesy for shoppers, as we understand things can happen during an order that are outside of your control. All submissions will be reviewed, but Shipt reserves the right to accept or deny any request(s).

To learn more and access the form for rating and late forgiveness, click the links below:

Late Forgiveness

If you are unable to deliver an order on time after following the best practices outlined in this article, you may fill out the form below to request late forgiveness and Shipt will review your submission and follow up within 72 hours.*
*Note: You must request late forgiveness within 5 days of the delivery date. 

Before filling out the form, please review the following reasons late forgiveness will not be issued:

  • Multiple orders were claimed during the same delivery window
  • The order was started within its delivery window and/or after the estimated Shop Start time as listed on the Order Details screen
  • The order was not marked as delivered in the app right after the order was delivered to the customer

Late Forgiveness Form:

Rating Forgiveness

Members utilize the rating system according to their own unique standards. For that reason, we will honor a member’s rating even if you don’t agree with it.

If you’ve provided an excellent member experience based on the tips in this article but your average rating does not reflect this, you may fill out the form below to request rating forgiveness. Shipt will review your submission and follow up within 72 hours.
*Note: Excessive requests and orders delivered more than 14 days before the time of submission will not be reviewed. 
**Note: Since Delivery Only orders are placed through the retailer and by retailer customers, there is no option for customers to rate you. Therefore, Delivery Only orders are not eligible for rating forgiveness.

Rating Forgiveness Form:

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