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Looking for more Shipt gear to sport while you're shopping? The Shipt Shop has you covered! Read below for more information on the Shipt Shop, graduation packs, and more!

If you have any gear-related issues, fill out the Shopper Gear Form here.

What is the Shipt Shop?

The Shipt Shop is the official online store where you can order a variety of shopper gear items, including Shipt shirts, replacement Shipt cards, insulated coolers, rain jackets, cups, bags, stickers, and more! 

To review the items in the Shipt Shop and place an order, visit

May I create or distribute my own Shipt gear?

No, Shipt Shoppers may not create or distribute Shipt gear. Although we are delighted that you want to represent Shipt, personalizing or creating your own Shipt apparel or other gear is prohibited, including items such as personalized Shipt-branded bags, cups, car decals, etc.  

The Shipt logo is trademarked, therefore repurposing, altering, or using Shipt's name and logo in any way is not allowed. 

If you're looking to branch out from the classic Shipt t-shirt received in your new shopper packet, visit the Shipt Shop for some great alternative options!

What is the graduation pack?

After completing 30 orders, you will receive an email with a code to use at The code will cover the cost of a graduation pack, which includes 2 Shipt shirts and 1 insulated Shipt bag.

If you have reached 30 shops and have not received an email with your graduation pack code, please reach out to

Shoppers will continue to be rewarded and recognized throughout their shopper journey. Click here to learn about Shopper Milestones.

Can I order a replacement Shipt card?

If you are an active shopper and your Shipt card is lost, stolen, or about to expire, replacement cards can be ordered* from the Shipt Shop. Be sure to use the email and mailing address associated with your shopper account when placing your order. Once you receive your replacement card, enter and save your new card's details to the app to ensure it will be funded properly for your next order.
*Note: Only orders made by active Shipt shoppers will be fulfilled. There is a limit of 1 card per order. Shoppers can have a maximum of 2 Shipt cards associated with their account at any given time, and Shipt cards can only be registered with 1 shopper account. If a shopper has more than one active card on their account, they will need to contact Shipt HQ to have a card removed before attempting to order a new one.

If your Shipt card has expired, fill out the Shipt Gear Form below, and we will replace it.

For more information on Shipt cards, click here

Shipt Gear Request Form

If you have any gear-related issues such as not receiving your Welcome or Grad pack, a missing or damaged item in your Shipt Shop order, etc., fill out the form below. The Shopper Gear team will review your submission and follow up within 3 business days.

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