Avoiding Wrong or Missing Items

Why is order accuracy important?

Providing excellent customer service is our priority, and members expect to receive the exact items they requested when they placed their orders. 

  • The most frequent member complaint is missing or incorrect items.
  • Members are more likely to give higher ratings, positive feedback, and tip when all the items on their orders are correct.
  • Delivering the correct items ensures members will not have to reach out to be credited for receiving the wrong items.
  • Accurate and on-time orders provide a positive experience for Shipt members, resulting in more frequent ordering and more shops for you!

What are item notes?

Members may enter notes on items to specify or emphasize important details for a particular item. For example, a member may leave a note on how ripe they would like their bananas to be.

If a member has left a note for an item, a yellow note icon will display in the lower right corner for an item within the Shopping List

When you select an item that has a note, an expandable Notes banner will display across the top of the Item screen. It's important to review item notes to ensure member satisfaction, which can lead to higher ratings and tips.

  • To expand the note and review what the member specified for the item, tap the Notes banner.

How do I avoid delivering the wrong items?

Attention to detail is one of the main elements that contribute to a positive member experience.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure you are choosing the correct items:

  • Use the barcode scanner.
    • If you try to scan an item that is the wrong quantity, size, or variety, you will see an alert that the item is not a match.
  • Check the UPC code.
    • Another trick to ensure accuracy is to check that the UPC in the app matches the item that you have just picked from the shelf. You can find the UPC code on the price tag in the store.
  • Notice brand, quantity, size, and nutritional specifications.
    • Be sure to double-check that the item you pick matches the item details shown in the app. 
  • Pay attention to item notes.
    • Be sure to read item notes if provided to ensure you are perfectly picking the product that the member has requested.

How can I make sure I successfully deliver all items? 

It's important to shop for and deliver all items. The app will make sure you shop for all items (see the "Shopping for all items" section below), but it's important to make sure all items make it from the store to the order's delivery location.

Here are a few ways you could ensure that all items are delivered and avoid receiving "missing items" feedback:

  • Keep a close eye on your items as they go from the conveyor belt to bags.
  • Double-check your shopping cart for additional items.
  • Create a designated space in your car for Shipt orders.
  • Ensure bags are secure prior to driving.
  • When completing multiple orders, use a system to be able to easily identify different orders such as:
    • Use stickers or sticky notes to mark each order.
    • Bag one order is plastic bags and the other in paper bags.
    • Clip the bags together using a carabiner clip.
    • Place one order in the front seat and one in the back seat.
  • Check your floorboards and seats prior to leaving the delivery location to ensure you haven't missed any bags or that items did not slip out of bags during the delivery process.
  • Inform the member of any item issues and offer to contact support on their behalf so they can receive a credit to their Shipt account. 

Shopping for all items

The app won’t let you check out until all items are accounted for. 

To help you know when you're finished shopping for an order, you'll automatically be directed to the Cart to begin the checkout process after you have shopped for the final item of an order.

While you may always review items in the Cart at any time while shopping, the Check Out button will appear grey and remain untappable until after all items for the order are found. Once all items are found, the Check Out button will appear green and you'll be able to tap it and start the checkout process, where you'll be asked to take a picture of the receipt and enter the order total.
*Note: You may discard the receipt after you've submitted a picture of it in the app. Shoppers should not provide the store receipt to members—They will get a digital receipt reflecting the order's total from the app.

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