Where can Shipt deliver alcohol?

Alcohol Delivery through Shipt is available in select metros for select retailers. Be sure to check which retailers offer Alcohol Delivery in your area by using the Where Do You Shipt Shop? button in the top right corner of the Shopper Hub to search for your metro! 

If a metro or retailer is not listed below, alcohol should not be delivered. Alcohol also cannot be delivered if the ID Scan label is not present on the order — even if there is a special request for the alcohol item.

Alcohol delivery for Prepaid orders from Target or Meijer is only available in select metros*. If you see a special request alcohol item, or the customer requests alcohol via text or call and the ID Scan label is not present on the order, kindly let them know you are not able to deliver that item. 

*Alcohol is available for delivery on Meijer Prepaid orders in Michigan and Ohio only, and on Target Prepaid orders in East Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco. Do note that alcohol cannot be added as a special request if the order has not been flagged as an ID Scan order.


  • Metro(s): Phoenix, Tucson
  • Retailer(s): BevMo! (Delivery Only), Smart & Final, Total Wine (Delivery Only)


  • Metro(s): All 
  • Retailer(s): BevMo! (Delivery Only), Cheers on Demand, Northgate Market, Raley's (Delivery Only), Smart & Final, Target


  • Metro(s): Hartford, New Haven / Bridgeport, Mt. Kisco / White Plains / Stamford* 
  • Retailer(s): BevMax
    * Alcohol cannot be delivered to New York zip codes that fall in the Mt. Kisco / White Plains / Stamford metro.


  • Metro(s): All  
  • Retailer(s): ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Harris Teeter, Fresco y Más, Harveys, Sedano's, Target, Total Wine (Delivery Only), Winn-Dixie Beer, Wine, & Spirits, Winn-Dixie
    * Alcohol Delivery from Harris Teeter is offered in Jacksonville only.


  • Metro(s): Honolulu, Maui-Kahului
  • Retailer(s): Target


  • Metro(s): Bradley, Chicago, Normal, Rockford, Springfield 
  • Retailer(s): Fresh Thyme, Meijer, Plum Market, Target


  • Metro(s): Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville
  • Retailer(s): Target
    Per state law, individuals delivering alcohol must display the window decal provided to them in their car when delivering. This decal will be sent upon completion of the Kentucky Alcohol Delivery Certification.


  • Metro(s): All* 
  • Retailer(s): Bridge Street Market, Capital City Market, Fresh Thyme, Meijer, Target, Woodward Corner Market
    *Alcohol cannot be delivered to college/university campuses in Michigan.


When checking out with alcohol in Minnesota, it must be purchased in a separate transaction if there are other non-alcoholic items on the order.

  • Metro(s): Minneapolis, Rochester, St. Cloud
  • Retailer(s): Fresh Thyme, Kowalski's, Liquor Boy, Lunds & Byerlys, Target


  • Metro(s): Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Osage Beach, Springfield, St. Joseph, St. Louis 
  • Retailer(s): Dierbergs, Fresh Thyme, Target*
    * Alcohol cannot be delivered to Illinois zip codes that fall in the St. Louis metro.


  • Metro(s): Omaha
  • Retailer(s): Target
    *Alcohol sales are restricted on Sundays prior to 12 p.m.

North Carolina

  • Metro(s): Asheville, Burlington, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Triad, Triangle, Wilmington 
  • Retailer(s): Harris Teeter (Delivery Only), Lidl, Lowes Foods, Target, Total Wine (Delivery Only)
    Per state law, individuals delivering alcohol must print out or save a digital copy of the certificate provided at the end of Shipt's Alcohol Delivery Certification to keep in their car.


  • Metro(s): Akron/Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Defiance, Findlay, Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Sandusky, Toledo 
  • Retailer(s): Fresh Thyme, Giant Eagle (Delivery Only)*, Meijer, Target
    * Alcohol Delivery from Giant Eagle is offered through Delivery Only in Columbus and Cleveland

    Per state law, individuals delivering alcohol must print out or save a digital copy of the alcohol permit provided in Shipt's Alcohol Delivery Certification to keep in their car


  • Metro(s): Eugene, Portland
  • Retailer(s): BevMo! (Delivery Only), Target


  • Metro(s): Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville
  • Retailer(s): Target, Total Wine (Delivery Only)


  • Metro(s): Austin, Beaumont / Port Arthur, College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Huntsville, Killeen / Temple, Laredo, McAllen / Brownsville, Midland / Odessa, San Antonio, Victoria
  • Retailer(s): Central Market (Delivery Only), Kroger (Delivery Only), Target, Taste of Texas (Delivery Only)


  • Metro(s): Charlottesville, Hampton Roads, Richmond
  • Retailer(s): Harris Teeter (Delivery Only), Kroger (Delivery Only), Lidl


  • Metro(s): Seattle
  • Retailer(s): BevMo! (Delivery Only)

Washington D.C.

  • Retailer(s): Harris Teeter (Delivery Only), Lidl*
    *Shop & Deliver alcohol is only offered in VA zip codes of the Washington D.C. metro. 

For easy reference, alcohol-approved states are highlighted in green.

If you're interested in Alcohol Delivery, email alcoholdelivery@shipt.com to complete the Alcohol Delivery Certification course for your state.

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