Shopper Ratings

After an order has been delivered, the customer will be prompted to leave a rating for their shopper of 1 to 5 stars (5 being the best) and then indicate what caused them to select the rating.
*Note: If a customer selects a rating of 2 or less for a shopper, the shopper will be unpaired from that customer and will not receive offers for them again.

Customers are able to rate their shopper separately from their overall Shipt experience after delivery, giving them the ability to rate their shoppers' hard work and performance outside of potential frustrations with the overall order. A shopper’s rating is a rolling average, and continuous shopping with positive feedback can undo the effects of a poor rating.

Shoppers have two different rating averages:  

  • All-time
  • Last 50 ratings

You can review your ratings in the app at any time by selecting Stats from the main menu.

The Rating Experience:

The rating screen for customers shows two different 5-star scales for them to share feedback on — one to rate their shopper’s performance and one to rate their Shipt order overall.

  • The two 5-star scales do not impact each other. For example, if a customer gives their shopper a 5-star rating but gives their order a 4-star rating, the shopper’s 5-star rating will not be impacted
 by the order's lower rating.

Feedback options provide clearer, more actionable feedback, which shoppers will be able to see in weekly Self-Checkout emails.

  • When a customer rates their shopper 5 stars, they can select positive feedback options to let their shopper know what they valued about their performance.
    • Good communication
    • Attention to detail
    • Exceptional shopper
    • Good substitutions
  • When a customer rates their shopper less than 5 stars, they can select negative feedback options to help shoppers understand why they did not receive 5 stars.
    • Too little communication
    • Late delivery
    • Poor attention to detail
    • Poor substitution choices
    • Item issue
    • Other
      *Note: When a Shipt member is providing a shopper rating from the Shipt app or website, they will be required to select negative feedback options. Shipt members are also able to report issues for specific items from their digital receipt.

For best practices on how to receive positive feedback from customers, click here.

Rating Forgiveness

Shipt offers rating forgiveness as a courtesy for shoppers, as we understand there are factors outside of your control that can influence a customer's rating. Please remember, customers utilize the rating system according to their own unique standards. For that reason, we will honor a customer's rating even if you don’t agree with it. 

If you’ve provided an excellent customer experience based on the tips above but your average rating does not reflect this, you may fill out the form below to request rating forgiveness. Shipt will review your submission and follow up within 72 hours.
*Note: Excessive requests and orders delivered more than 14 days before the time of submission will not be reviewed.

Did you know that on average, Shipt Shoppers receive 65% less negative feedback by their 500th order compared to when they started shopping? Learn More.

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