Shopping at BevMax

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to about BevMax.

Do shoppers need to ask for tax exemption?

Yes. When checking out, a reminder should appear in the shopper app prompting shoppers to pass along tax identification code SHIPT to the BevMax cashier.

What items are prohibited?

Tobacco and gift cards are not eligible for purchase from BevMax. 

Will shoppers need to bag items at checkout?

No, a store associate will bag the items.

How are bag fees handled at BevMax?

After processing the order, shoppers should take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app, which will then prompt for the bag fee. 

Bag fees are generally found on the store receipt. Shoppers can ask the cashier the bag fee total if it can't be located on the receipt. Enter that total and continue processing the order. If no bags were purchased for the order, shoppers should put the fee total as $0 and finish processing the order.

Can items be returned?

Alcohol returns cannot be refunded, even with a receipt. However, if shoppers are unable to deliver alcohol items to a member, they should return those items back to the store and surrender them to a store associate.

What should shoppers do if a member has an issue with their order from BevMax? 

Politely apologize to the member and suggest that they contact Shipt Support via live chat,, or (205) 502-2500 to get assistance with the issue — the support team will be happy to help!

In order to participate in alcohol delivery, shoppers must have passed the alcohol delivery certification.

If you are 21 or over and interested in delivering alcohol from this retailer, please reach out to for more information.

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