Shopping at US Foods® Chef’Store®

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to know about US Foods® Chef’Store® (formerly Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores).

Do shoppers need to ask for tax exemption?

No, US Foods® Chef’Store® orders are not tax-exempt.

How do shoppers handle item cases?

Most US Foods® Chef’Store® items are only sold as single units. If a member requests a full case of an item, shoppers should scan the barcode located on the item and enter the number of single units in the case as the item quantity to properly account for what is being delivered to the member.
*Note: Shoppers should not scan barcodes located on item cases.

For example, if a member has 1 jar of mayonnaise on their Shopping List but requested in an item note to get the full case of 4 jars, the shopper would scan the barcode on 1 of the jars and then enter 4 for the quantity to add it to the cart as 4 single units of mayonnaise instead of 1.

What items are prohibited?

Shoppers cannot deliver alcohol, tobacco, prescription/behind-the-counter medication, dry ice, or gift cards from US Foods® Chef’Store®. To view the full list of prohibited items for all Shipt orders, click here.

If any of these items are on an order, shoppers can kindly let the member know that those items are not eligible for delivery with Shipt. If the member requests more information, shoppers may politely recommend that they reach out to Shipt Support for further details.

Should shoppers use a rewards card at checkout?

No, shoppers should not use a rewards card at checkout. 

How do shoppers use the barcode during checkout?

This barcode should be scanned during the checkout process. US Foods® Chef’Store® uses this barcode to track Shipt orders. 

This barcode is not for tax exemption.

Will shoppers need to bag items at checkout?

US Foods® Chef’Store® specializes in bulk purchasing and doesn’t provide bags for customers. Shoppers may bring their own bags to assist them while organizing and transporting items
*Note: Bulk purchased items are typically large in size. If shoppers would like to bring their own bags, large bags are recommended.

Can items be returned?

Yes, all items can be returned to the store where they were originally purchased, but items will need to be returned within 4 hours of the original purchase time
*Note: US Foods® Chef’Store® has the right to accept or refuse returns for any items.

To complete a return for a US Foods® Chef’Store® order:

  • Present the original receipt and your Shipt card at Customer Support. 
  • Write the order number on the receipt and take a picture of it after the store attendant has completed the return
  • Email the picture to 

What should shoppers do if a member has an issue with their order from US Foods® Chef’Store®? 

Politely apologize to the member and suggest that they contact Shipt Support via live chat,, or (205) 502-2500 to get assistance with the issue — the support team will be happy to help!

What should shoppers do if an order has an item that is over 40 lbs? 

US Foods® Chef’Store® does offer a few items that are over 40 lbs such as large bags of potatoes and flour. For orders with heavy items, consider reviewing these tips for delivering bulk items. 

If you have claimed an order with heavy items and are unable to shop and deliver these orders, consider releasing the order in a timely manner directly from the app. 

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