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Getting ready to deliver a CVS Prescription Delivery order? Here is some helpful information to prepare you for your delivery experience there!

How Do I Claim Prescription Delivery orders?

First, to claim Prescription Delivery orders, it must be available in your metro. You can review our prescription delivery metro list to see if it is offered in your area. 

Then if it is available, shoppers must get certified to receive orders for CVS Prescription Delivery. To get certified, complete the online certification course using the same email address that is associated with your shopper profile. 

You will start receiving Prescription Delivery order offers automatically once you've become certified.

To differentiate between a Prescription Delivery Order order and a Shop & Deliver order, look for the purple Delivery Only label located at the top of the offer card as well as N/A listed for prod/cat instead of the number of items in the order. 

Check out this article to learn more about in-app service labels.

What is the process for picking up a Prescription Delivery order? 

Concerning order pickup: Shoppers are now encouraged to pick up CVS Rx Delivery Only orders using the drive-thru whenever possible. After pulling up to the window, shoppers will let the CVS associate know that they are picking up an ODD order and provide the customer's first and last name. Remember that no payment is necessary when picking up CVS Rx orders. 

  1. When you have arrived at the store location, tap Arrived at store on the Order Details screen prior to going inside to pick up the order.
    Note: Please arrive at the store 15 minutes before the delivery window begins.

  2. Go inside the store and approach the pharmacy window labeled "Drop Off" — Shoppers cannot use the drive-thru window.

  3. Identify yourself as a Shipt Shopper and inform the pharmacy technician that you are picking up an Rx On-Demand Delivery to deliver to a customer.

  4. Provide the customer's full name and their address — You will not need to provide their DOB.

  5. No payment is needed for CVS Prescription Delivery orders, and you should not use your Shipt card to pay for these orders or any remaining balances on the customer's account. If the pharmacy technician requests payment at the time of pickup, you can politely inform them the order should have already been paid for by the customer and ask if they can review the order's label for the "paid" status.

  6. The pharmacy technician will place all items in a sealed bag for you to deliver to the customer — sealed Prescription Delivery bags should not be opened or tampered with under any circumstances.

  7. Consider double-checking the address on the sealed bag to the address on the order. If it doesn't match, alert the pharmacy technician and provide the address on the order again to ensure the correct prescription is handed to you for delivery. 

  8. Tap Mark as Picked Up on the Order Details screen prior to leaving the store to deliver.

Support while picking up prescriptions:

  • If the pharmacy technician requests additional information, you can politely advise them that the Pharmacy Delivery page on their internal website, RxNet, links to Shipt partnership information. If further assistance is required, please reach out to Shipt Support at 205-502-2500.
  • CVS Pharmacy staff should handle any prescription order issues. Shipt Support may be contacted if they are unable to resolve the issue.

Are refrigerated prescriptions eligible for delivery?

Yes. During order pickup, the pharmacy technician will inform you if the prescription contains an item that needs to be refrigerated. It is recommended to remind the customer they have a refrigerated item being delivered when you send the on the way text so they can be prepared for delivery.

When should I communicate with CVS Prescription Delivery customers?

Communication is key to providing excellent customer service. While Prescription Delivery orders do not require as much communication as Shop & Deliver orders, CVS does require that shoppers send an on the way text to notify the customer their prescription is on the way.

For Prescription Delivery orders, since there is no other communication prior to leaving the store to deliver, once you tap the customer's phone number from the Order Details screen, a preformatted on the way message will automatically display for you to be able to send.

Note: Prescription Delivery orders are not Shipt orders and should not be referred to as such during communication with the customer — CVS Prescription Delivery orders are CVS orders being delivered to CVS customers by Shipt shoppers. 

Is a signature required?

Yes, a customer signature in the Shopper app is required for all CVS Rx deliveries.

Once you’ve handed off the order, ask the customer to provide their signature in the app — customers can use their finger to sign on the screen.

Concerning order handoff: 

To practice social distancing, shoppers may complete the signature portion with the customer's consent. Shoppers should make contact with the customer to confirm they are at the correct address and will complete the signature portion on the customer's behalf.

If the customer responds to the On the Way text and asks for a door drop delivery, shoppers are permitted to do so. Do not leave the order at the door unless the customer has approved this method of deliveryIf the customer has not asked for a door drop delivery, you will need to wait for the customer to answer the door and get consent to complete the signature. If the customer is unresponsive, you can reach out to Shopper Support to return the order back to the store. 

Why does my CVS Prescription Delivery order have a Target pickup address?

When you look up the Pickup address for a CVS Prescription Delivery order, you may notice that the address is for a Target store location — This is because select Target stores have CVS Pharmacy locations based inside their stores (see picture below). Simply walk up to the CVS Pharmacy counter inside of the Target store and follow the same process to pick up the prescription order as you would at a CVS store.

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What if the Prescription Delivery customer is not there when you deliver?

Prescription orders cannot be left unattended at the delivery address. If the customer is not home upon delivery, you can try reaching them by texting or calling. If you are unable to contact the customer within 15 minutes, contact Shipt Support to let them know the customer is unresponsive and receive further instructions. 

What do I do if the Prescription Delivery customer has a problem with their order?

If faced with questions about their order, politely direct the customer to contact the pharmacy. If further assistance is required, you may live chat or call Shipt Support at 205-502-2500.

How do I return a prescription to CVS?

If a prescription must be returned, CVS requires the prescription to be returned immediately. If you have any issues when returning a prescription, you can politely advise the pharmacist that the Pharmacy Delivery page on their internal website, RxNet, links to Shipt partnership information, including returning prescriptions. 

Once returned, contact Shipt Support again to confirm the order has been returned and provide the name of the pharmacy staff member with whom you left the order.

What if I deliver to the wrong address?

If you deliver to the wrong address, call Shopper Support and return to the address where you made the delivery to retrieve the prescription as soon as possible. 

Once you have the prescription, please return the prescription to the store immediately.

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