Delivering from ShopRite

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to know about delivering from ShopRite.

When should shoppers arrive?

Delivery Only orders are available from 9:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

Shoppers should arrive at the store 15 minutes before the delivery window begins—this will ensure shoppers have time to pack appropriate items into cooler bags and get to the customer’s delivery address on time. To determine the amount of time required for pickup and delivery, shoppers should check the drive time to and from the store.

How many orders will ShopRite release to shoppers?

ShopRite will only release two orders to shoppers at one time. Therefore, shoppers will not be offered or be able to claim more than 2 ShopRite orders per delivery window to ensure orders are able to be successfully released at the store.

How do shoppers pick up orders from ShopRite?

Shoppers should park in one of the designated "ShopRite from Home" parking spaces and tap Arrived at store in the app.

  • For walk-up locations, shoppers should tell the associate the order number for the order being picked up.
    *Note: ShopRite will have the order ready in store-labeled totes. Make sure to only grab the plastic bags and not the tote bags. Shoppers should consider bringing their reusable/insulated bags inside to help with the transfer.
  • For drive-up locations, shoppers should call the number on the sign and tell the associate the order number for the order being picked up.
    *Note: For the ShopRite location in Yardley, PA, the ShopRite from Home pickup is located at the back of an unattached building next to ShopRite. Simply follow the signs around to find the ShopRite from Home Parking in the back.

Once shoppers have received the order from the store associate, they should select Mark as picked up in the app prior to leaving the store.

Communication is key to providing excellent customer service. While Delivery Only orders do not require as much communication as Shop & Deliver orders, ShopRite does require that shoppers send an on the way text to notify the customer their order is on the way.

Idling Regulations:
ShopRite will have "No Idling Zone" signs posted at all of their locations to ensure compliance with local and state idling regulations. Shoppers are encouraged to follow those regulations and idle for the maximum time allowed before turning their vehicles off while picking up an order for delivery.

Do shoppers need to load the groceries into their car?

It may vary depending on the store location.

  • For walk-up locations, shoppers will receive the groceries from a ShopRite employee at the designated ShopRite from Home entrance and load the order into their car. 
  • At drive-up locations, a store associate will load the groceries into the shopper’s vehicle. 

Shoppers should consider placing any cold or frozen items in a cooler or insulated grocery bag.

What should shoppers do with the receipt?

Receipts for Delivery Only orders should be passed on to the customer since they are ordering directly from the retailer and not through Shipt. Shoppers may place the receipt in one of the bags if it is handed to them at pickup. If the receipt is stapled to a bag, shoppers should leave it on the bag so the customer gets it when their order is delivered.

Can ShopRite orders be dropped off at the customer's door? 

With the current state of COVID-19, many Delivery Only orders may be drop off orders, where the order may be dropped off outside the door — these orders can be identified by the "drop off" label on the order offer card. 

Per ShopRite Policy, shoppers must text the customer when an order has been delivered to their door. A best practice to consider is sending a picture of the order at the door when sending the delivery confirmation text. 

What do shoppers do if the customer isn't home?

If shoppers get to the customer’s house and no one is home, they should make an attempt to call the customer. If the customer is still unresponsive after 10 minutes, shoppers should call Shopper Support and return the order to the pick-up area at the store. The store associates will let the customer know that the order is now available for pickup at the store. When returning an order to the store, it is recommended to get the name of the store associate you return the order to in case there are any questions about that order later on.

What should shoppers do if the customer has a problem with their order?

Shipt Shoppers are responsible for maintaining item quality during transportation for ShopRite.

Shoppers may politely direct the customer to contact ShopRite if faced with questions about the following:

  • Item selection
  • Add on items 
  • Substitutions 
  • Wrong or missing items
  • Order bagging

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