Delivering from Party City

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to know about delivering from Party City.

How many orders will Party City release to shoppers?

Party City will only release 2 orders to shoppers at one time. Therefore, shoppers will not be offered or be able to claim more than 2 Party City orders per delivery window to ensure orders are able to be successfully released at the store.

How do shoppers pick up orders from Party City?

Shoppers should arrive at the store 15 minutes before the delivery window begins—this will ensure shoppers have time to load their car and get to the customer’s delivery address on time. To determine the amount of time required for pickup and delivery, shoppers should check the drive time to and from the store.

Shoppers should park in the parking lot, go inside to the checkout area, and tap Arrived at store in the app. 

Shoppers will let the store associate know they are picking up an order for Shipt delivery. Shoppers should provide the order number, customer’s name, and show the order in the app to the store associate if needed. 

Once shoppers have received the order from the store associate, they can tap Mark as picked up in the app prior to leaving the store.

Will Party City orders be split?

Some Party City orders may be split up into multiple orders with different shoppers assigned to each one. Orders that have been split will have an indicator at the end of the order number such as “.d1.” 

Will Party City orders contain balloons?

Many Party City orders contain balloons, which will be handed off in a balloon bag for safe transport. Please refer to the delivery instructions on the order to determine if an order contains balloons, hard goods, or both. Before claiming Party City orders, you may want to consider how many balloon bags your vehicle can accommodate.

The type of balloon ordered will determine how many balloon bags a Party City order will have. For example, many orders will contain typical, round latex balloons that can fit up to 14 to a bag; in those instances there would only be 2 balloon bags on that order. 

  • To help you prepare for balloon delivery orders and ensure you have space to safely accommodate them, you'll see an in-app reminder when attempting to claim Party City orders that states balloons are often present.* If you have limited space available in your vehicle, we recommend using caution in claiming additional orders during the same delivery window as a Party City order.
    *Note: this reminder will show for all Party City orders.

Loading Balloons Into Your Car

  • When loading balloon bags into your vehicle, it can be a good idea to ensure your backseat is free of personal items and cover any sharp objects or surfaces with tape or something soft if they cannot be removed.
  • Since balloons are filled with helium and may move around while driving, consider fastening the balloon bag to a seatbelt strap with a chip clip or placing a net over the balloon bags. It is important to make sure nothing is obstructing your view out of your side and rear windows. 

Maintaining Balloon Quality

Every Party City balloon customer is given a guaranteed life expectancy for each different type of balloon they purchase, and there are a variety of factors that can impact balloon life expectancy. Consider these best practices for maintaining balloon quality:

  • Place balloon orders out of reach and safely in the backseat
  • To prevent loss or damage of balloons, all balloon orders will be provided and should remain in a balloon bag from Party City 
  • Balloons begin to lose life expectancy if they are in a bag for longer than 30 minutes. Aiming to deliver balloon orders directly after picking them up from the store is ideal 
  • While in transit, aim to keep balloons at the ideal climate-controlled conditions of between 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Place balloons in the backseat of your car to provide the most optimal temperature. Avoid placing balloons in the trunk
    • Windows should remain mostly closed to avoid tangling of balloons or over-exposure to outside temperatures
    • In hot weather, have the air conditioner running while transporting
    • In cold weather, have the heat turned down to low while transporting

When should shoppers communicate with Party City customers?

A best practice is to notify the customer when you're on the way to deliver the order, this is a great way to provide excellent customer service and ensure they are prepared to accept the delivery. Shoppers will not be prompted to send an On The Way text, so consider using the example below or craft your own:

    " Hi ______, I've just picked up your order from Party City, and I'm on my way to deliver your order!"

What should shoppers do with the receipt?

Receipts for Delivery Only orders should be passed on to the customer since they are ordering directly from the retailer and not through Shipt. Shoppers may place the receipt in one of the bags if it is handed to them at pickup.

Can we deliver Party City orders to hospitals?

Yes, shoppers can deliver Party City orders to hospitals. Shoppers will need to leave the order at the security or front desk instead of handing it directly to the customer.

What do shoppers do if the customer isn't home?

If shoppers get to the customer’s house and no one is home, they should make an attempt to call the customer. If there is still no response, shoppers may leave the order at the customer’s door or a safe place for the Party City order — in these cases, a best practice for shoppers to consider is taking a photo of the order at the customer’s delivery location and sending it to them to confirm their order was delivered.

If the order contains balloons, contact should be made with the customer to hand those off. Balloons should not be left unattended unless specifically directed to by the customer. If no one is available to accept the order it should be returned to the store. 

What should shoppers do if a customer has a problem with their order?

Shipt Shoppers are responsible for maintaining item quality during transportation for Party City.

Shoppers may politely direct the customer to contact Party City if faced with questions about the following:

  • Item selection
  • Add on items 
  • Substitutions 
  • Wrong or missing items
  • Order bagging

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