Delivering from Hannaford

Below is some helpful information for shoppers to know about delivering from Hannaford.

When should shoppers arrive?

Shoppers should arrive at the store 15 minutes before the delivery window begins—this will ensure shoppers have time to pack appropriate items into cooler bags and get to the customer’s delivery address on time. To determine the amount of time required for pickup and delivery, shoppers should check the drive time to and from the store. 

How many orders will Hannaford release to shoppers?

Hannaford will only release two orders to shoppers at one time. Therefore, shoppers will not be offered or be able to claim more than 2 Hannaford orders per delivery window to ensure orders are able to be successfully released at the store.

How do shoppers pick up orders from Hannaford?

Shoppers should park in one of the designated parking spaces and tap Arrived at store in the app.

Shoppers will then need to call the phone number provided on the Hannaford To Go sign and give the associate the order number for the order being picked up.

Once shoppers have received the order from the store associate, they can tap Mark as picked up in the app prior to leaving the store.

In Manchester, NH:
There are 3 locations that do not have designated parking for order pickup. Shoppers will need to walk into the store and pick up the order at the delivery desk.

  • Hannaford – Bicentennial Drive: When facing the storefront from the parking lot, use the left entrance and turn left once entering the store from the vestibule.
  • Hannaford – Hanover Street: When facing the storefront from the parking lot, use the right entrance and take a sharp left turn once entering from the vestibule.
  • Hanover – Jenkins Road: Use the only entrance to the store. The staging space is right off the entrance vestibule. Knock on the double impact doors upon arrival and wait in the vestibule.

Do shoppers need to load the groceries into their car?

No. A store associate will load the groceries into the shopper’s vehicle. However, shoppers should consider placing any cold or frozen items in a cooler or insulated grocery bag.

Hannaford is committed to order accuracy and uses a stickering system, known as parcels, to account for all items or bags in a Delivery Only order. When a Hannaford store associate is loading the order into a shopper’s vehicle, they will count the number of parcels to ensure the shopper has the entire order before they leave. As the store associate loads the order into the car, shoppers can help confirm the number of parcels by asking the store associate "how many parcels are in the order?" Then, shoppers can confirm the parcel count with the store associate once they are finished by initialing the store associate's paperwork.
*Note: Bags may have more than one parcel sticker while larger items that do not fit into a bag will have a parcel sticker placed directly on the item.

What should shoppers do with the receipt?

Receipts for Delivery Only orders should be passed on to the customer since they are ordering directly from the retailer and not through Shipt. Shoppers may place the receipt in one of the bags if it is handed to them at pickup.

What do shoppers do if the customer isn't home?

If shoppers get to the customer’s house and no one is home, they should make an attempt to call the customer. If shoppers are unable to reach the customer within 10 minutes, contact Shipt HQ and return the order to the store. When returning an order to the store, it is recommended to get the name of the store associate you return the order to in case there are any questions about that order later on.   

What should shoppers do if a customer has a problem with their order?

Shipt Shoppers are responsible for maintaining item quality during transportation for Hannaford. Shoppers may politely direct the customer to contact Hannaford if faced with questions about the following:

  • Item selection
  • Add on items 
  • Substitutions 
  • Wrong or missing items
  • Order bagging

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