Costco Limited Quantity

Due to limited stock, Costco has implemented item quantity limits for high-demand items. If a member requests more than what is allowed for an item, it is recommended to let the member know that per Costco policy, some items now have quantity limits. Inform the member how many of the requested item you are able to purchase, confirm if they still want the item, and ask if they would like for you to add another item to the order due to the requested item’s quantity limitation. Be sure to update the quantity in the app if the member still wants the requested item. 

Note: The list below was decided at a corporate level, and warehouse limitations may differ. Shoppers should adhere to limits set forth by their respective warehouses.

Quantity of 2 Quantity of 5

Kirkland 2 Ply Bath Tissue

Softsoap Advanced (2pk; 80 oz)

Scott Bath Tissue

Lysol Early Morning Breeze

Charmin Ultra Strong

Long Grain Rice (25lb bag)

Charmin Ultra Soft

Royal Basmati Rice (20lb bag)

Kirkland Bath Tissue

Han Kuk Mi Rice (40lb bag)

Kirkland Baby Wipes (900 ct)

Organic Sona Masoori (20lb bag)

Huggies Snug & Dry (S1 & S2)

Kirkland Thai Jasmine Rice (25lb bag)

Huggies Movers Plus (S3-S6)

Parboiled Long Grain Rice (20 lb bag)

Kirkland Supreme Diapers (Size 1-6)

Sugar (10lb extra fine grain)

Pull-Ups Plus 2T-3T (128 CT)

Kirkland Organic Cane Sugar (10lb bag)

Pull-Ups Plus 3T-4T (116 CT)

Ozarka Water (Sports top)

Pull-Ups Plus 4T-5T (102 CT)

Ozarka Water (40/0.5 LTR)

Poise Ultimate Absorbency

Zephyrhills Sport Water (28/20oz)

Depends Men (All sizes)

Deer Park Sport Water (24/23.7oz)

Depends Women (All sizes)

Ozarka Water (28/20oz)

Lysol Crisp Linen

Deer Park Water (40/0.5 LTR)

Kirkland Nitrile Exam Gloves (All sizes)

Deer Park Water (48/8oz)

Kirkland Paper Towels

Kirkland Water (6/1 gallon)

Bounty Prints Select-A-Size Paper Towels

Deer Park Spring Water (28/20oz)

Bounty Advanced Select-A-Size

Glaceau Smartwater (15/1 LTR)

Kirkland Water (40/16.9oz)

Perfect Hydration (12/1 LTR)

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Acqua Panna (12/750 ML)

Kirkland Alkaline Water (18/1 LTR)

Kirkland Surface Wipes (4/304 wipes)

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