Bundles are separate orders that are paired together based on various factors, including delivery times, delivery locations, and order size.
*Note: Shipt uses Google's drive time data to determine drive time estimates. 

By removing the time needed to manually pair orders, shopping multiple orders simultaneously, and delivering to locations in close proximity, shoppers are able more easily maximize their efficiency and earning potential for a specific delivery window.

Shoppers who have completed 10 or more shops are eligible to receive offers for bundled orders. 

Reviewing and Claiming a Bundle

There are a few key differences between a bundle offer card compared to other orders.

  • The number of bundled orders will display on the order card
  • The number of items for each order will be listed
  • The claim button will state “Claimed Order (2)” 

Before claiming a bundle, it is a best practice to review the store location, delivery locations, and Shopping Lists from the offer card to ensure this bundle is right for your schedule.*

*Note: If you decide not to claim a bundle, your Acceptance Rate will not be impacted as long as you claim at least 1 offered order for each hour you're on the schedule. 

Completing a Bundle

  • When you're ready to start shopping for multiple orders, you can add the two order's Shopping Lists together. 
    • All items will be sorted into a single Shopping List that is color-coded by order to help you identify which items belong to each member.
  • When you've finished shopping for both orders and are ready to check out, you can initiate the checkout process separately for each order from the My Orders screen.
  • After processing a bundle, you will be able to access your pay and tip information from your Delivery History. 
    • Like the estimated pay that displayed on the bundle's offer card, the total pay for a bundle will be combined. Tips from members will display separately for each order.

Ready to complete a bundle? Review best practices for shopping and delivering multiple orders.

How long are orders held for bundling before they’re released as individual orders?

  • In order to bundle orders, there is a holding period when a single order comes in so the system can determine if there is another order it can be bundled with successfully. This holding period can vary, but orders that ultimately are not bundled are released in time to be claimed and shopped as an individual order.

What happens if no shoppers claim a bundled order?

  • If a bundled order is not claimed by shoppers, it will be split into individual orders. These orders will be offered as single orders.

How does this impact member matching? 

  • Member matches will remain intact, and shoppers with member matches will get priority on bundles that include their regular members. However, since a bundle includes two members’ orders, it is not guaranteed a shopper will be offered a specific member’s order after it is placed. If each order in a bundle would match to a different shopper, the highest-rated shopper of the two will get the bundle offered to them first if they are on the schedule.

How does pay for bundle orders display?

  • The estimated pay shown on a bundle's order offer card reflects the total amount for both orders. After processing a bundle, the total pay for the two orders will be combined in the shopper’s Delivery History and tips from members will display separately for each order.

Will I be able to drop one order from a bundle?

  • You will be unable to drop a single order from a bundle. If you choose to drop one order, you will be released from both orders.

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