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Shipt measures performance with 3 stats that you can find in the My Stats section of the shopper app. Aiming to maintain high Shopper Stats is an important part of being a Shipt Shopper, and Shipt has Shopper Stats guidelines in place to help you set goals for yourself and strive for success.

The shoppers with the highest Shopper Stats are the first to receive offers. New shoppers do not have stats, so they are started out near the top of the offering list to help them gain experience. To ensure you are receiving lots of offers, keep all three of these stats high.  

Average Rating

Your Average Rating reflects the feedback that members can provide based on their order experience once an order has been completed. 

After an order has been delivered, the member will be prompted to leave a rating of 1 to 5 stars (5 being the best) and indicate what caused them to select the rating.
Note: If a member selects a rating of 2 or less for a shopper, the shopper will unpaired from that member and will not receive offers for them again.

The Average Rating provides an average of all of your ratings received over the previous 14 days, last 50 orders, and all-time.

The best way to keep your Average Rating high is to provide positive experiences while shopping and delivering. Click here to learn more about receiving positive feedback from members.

Acceptance Rate

Your Acceptance Rate (AR) measures how frequently you are accepting offered orders when you are on the schedule. The best way to maintain a high Acceptance Rate is to claim at least one offered order for each hour you're on the schedule.  

If during one of the hours you're on the schedule you do not receive an offer, your Acceptance Rate will not decrease for not shopping during that hour. However, you can choose to claim an order from Open Metro to maximize your earnings if no orders have been offered and you have the availability on your schedule.

Your Acceptance Rate will decrease if you are on the schedule and do not either claim an order that is offered to you OR shop an Open Metro order for that time slot. 
Note: if you have already claimed an Open Metro order when a new order is offered to you during the same delivery window for the Open Metro order you claimed, your acceptance rate will not decrease for not claiming the offer.

All shoppers begin with an Acceptance Rate of 50% for the last 14 days. Your AR will remain at 50% for the last 14 days until you place yourself on the schedule and claim an offered order. 

Acceptance Rate Basics

  • Acceptance Rate is a rolling average
  • Each hour that passes rolls off the average
  • Acceptance Rate cannot be changed or waived

Changes in Acceptance Rate

  • You may occasionally notice a decrease in your AR even if you did not miss any orders in recent days. The exact number of offers you’ve received over the past 14 days changes almost every day. This change causes the numbers involved in calculating your AR to change as well.
  • There are circumstances in which your Acceptance Rate will not be affected.
    • Once you are offered an order, there is a 5-minute grace period. If another shopper claims the order within 5 minutes of it being offered to you, your Acceptance Rate will not be affected.
    • If you are not offered an order while you are on the schedule, your Acceptance Rate will not be affected.
  • The Acceptance Rate shown on the Weekly Shopper Scorecard is a 14-day average. If you have not been on the schedule in the last 14 days, your AR will be listed as 'N/A' on your Weekly Shopper Scorecard.

On-Time Percentage

Your on-time delivery is the percentage of orders you have delivered within the scheduled delivery window. To be on time, the order must be marked as delivered within the scheduled delivery window. 

For example, if an order's delivery window is 5:00–6:00 p.m., delivery of the order will be considered on-time starting at 5:00 p.m. and would be late starting at 6:00 p.m.

How do promo orders impact on-time delivery percentage?

While shoppers should always aim to deliver orders on time and within the selected delivery window, On-Time Percentage is impacted differently for promo orders since these orders are generally approaching their delivery window.

  • If a promo order is delivered within the delivery window, you will get credit for on-time delivery
  • If a promo order is delivered outside of the delivery window, your On-Time Percentage will not be impacted

While promo orders won’t impact your On-Time Percentage, keep in mind that member ratings and tips may be negatively impacted if the delivery is outside of the selected delivery window. A best practice is to try and aim for on-time delivery or as close to the member’s delivery window as possible.

Can I improve my shopper stats?

Absolutely! Since shopper stats are rolling averages, continuous shopping can undo the effects of falling below expectations.

Shipt expects shoppers to maintain an Average Rating of at least 4.7 and an On-Time Percentage of no less than 90%. Should you fall below the Shopper Stats benchmarks stated in the sections above, you may receive an email from Shipt containing a link to a refresher course that will provide strategies and best practices to help you grow your shopper skills for optimal success.

Have questions about your Shopper Stats? Email for assistance.

Note: To protect the anonymity of our members, we will not share specific details in regards to how a member rated your orders; however, you can get more details on your recent performance by checking your Weekly Scorecard email that is sent every Monday.  

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