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As a Shipt Shopper, you have the flexibility to create your own schedule and select the areas, days, and times you'd like to be available to receive order offers. Once you have entered your availability into the app, you will begin to receive order offers based on your schedule.

Why is scheduling my availability important?

Scheduling your availability enables you to:

  • Receive offers for orders during the times you wish to shop
  • Plan your days by building your schedule efficiently, which can have a positive impact on your Shopper stats. On average, Shipt Shoppers increase their On-Time Percentage by 14% by their 500th order compared to when they started shopping — increasing the average for On-Time Percentage to 94%!
  • Review orders ahead of time so you're prepared when you head to the store. On average, Shipt Shoppers shop for items 33% faster by their 500th order compared to when they started shopping.
  • Establish and build member relationships, which can lead to higher ratings and tips. If a member rates you highly after completing an order for them, it is likely you may be offered orders for them again if you're on the schedule when they place upcoming orders.

How far in advance can I set my schedule?

You can set your schedule up to 7 days in advance.

It is recommended that you set your schedule at least 24 hours in advance to give you more opportunities to receive offers for orders and set up your schedule for success. Claiming orders in advance also enables you to plan out your day ahead of time to ensure order efficiency and on-time deliveries.

What if my availability changes after I've set my schedule?

If for some reason your availability changes, you can remove upcoming delivery windows from your schedule. It’s best to edit your schedule as soon as you know you’re unavailable to prevent a poor member experience and keep your schedule on track. After removing a delivery window, you will no longer receive order offers for that time.

If you've already claimed an order during a delivery window you can no longer shop, you may drop the order.

What happens if I'm on the schedule but do not shop?

Delivery windows for members to place orders are based on shoppers who are on the schedule. Therefore, we encourage you to try and complete at least 1 order each day you’re on the schedule and receiving offers. If you're inactive during a day you were on the schedule to shop, you may be removed from upcoming delivery windows without claimed orders for the rest of the week. If you're removed from the schedule and wish to receive order offers for upcoming days, you can reschedule your availability at any time. 
*Note: Delivery Only orders do not count. Shoppers must complete at least 1 Shop and Deliver, Shop Only, or Prepaid order. If you claim an order and it is canceled by the member or Shipt, resulting in you not shopping for the day, you will not be removed from the schedule.

When are the best times to be on the schedule?

Typically, the busiest hours (referred to as "peak hours") are from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. local time each day, and the busiest days are Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. However, this may vary by metro. A best practice is to look for trends in your area.

In addition to scheduling yourself during these times, you can look for the flame icon on delivery windows, which indicates the hours during which more shoppers are needed on the schedule — the more flame icon next to the window, the higher the need for shoppers. If you sign up for windows that have the icon displayed, you may be more likely to receive an offer. 

However, you should always set your schedule based on the delivery windows that work best for your availability. The further you set your schedule up in advance, the earlier you'll be able to receive order offers during the selected delivery windows to ensure optimal scheduling success.

A scheduling best practice is to select no more than 2 default zones to prevent over-scheduling and late deliveries.

What are "quiet hours"?

In metros that do not have retailers that are open 24-hours, the period of time from 10 p.m.–6 a.m. local time is referred to as “quiet hours”. New orders that are placed by members during quiet hours will begin being offered at 6 a.m. to shoppers on the schedule.
Note: For metros that have 24-hour retailers, orders will be offered at all hours to shoppers on the schedule.

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