Getting Started as a Shipt Shopper

Wondering what to do next now that you are an approved shopper? Below are some helpful resources to help you get started!

  1. New Shopper Welcome Course: 
    This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals every shopper should know before completing their first shop, including helpful information on the schedule, shopping best practices, communication, Shopper Stats, and shopper pay. Start the course >

  2. Shopper App Walkthrough Course:
    Once you’ve had the opportunity to complete the New Shopper Welcome course, build on that knowledge by taking the Shopper App Walkthrough course! You’ll get step-by-step guidance on using the Shipt Shopper app, including building your schedule, navigating shopping lists, sending messages to members, completing orders, and more. Start the course >

  3. Virtual Orientation Live Webinar:
    Get the answers to any questions you have and more by connecting directly with representatives from Shipt HQ during our live Virtual Orientation webinar. There are multiple sessions offered each week so you can find a time that works best for your schedule. Learn more and register >

  4. New Shopper Checklists:
    Need more resources to help you prepare for your first shop?
    Click here to check out our downloadable checklists!

  5. Stay updated:
    You'll receive important updates from Shipt through your app and the email address you provided while applying to be a shopper. These updates include information about retailer launches, app updates, service changes, and more, and our data shows that shoppers who review these updates have the most success in growing their business as a Shipt Shopper.

Do new shoppers have boundaries on claiming orders?

As a new shopper, the app provides boundaries around building your schedule to help you establish the foundation for a successful Shipt business. The timeframe in which these boundaries are in place is referred to as the "rookie period". During the rookie period, you will be unable to claim more than 1 order for a single delivery window or claim 3 orders with back-to-back delivery windows in a row. New shoppers will receive an error message when trying to claim an order outside of the set boundaries.

Once you have successfully delivered more than 10 orders, the rookie period boundaries will automatically be removed, and you may create a more complex schedule if desired.

Is there a dress code or uniform for Shipt Shoppers?

Wearing a Shipt shirt while shopping is optional, but doing so is highly recommended. Wearing shipt attire allows store employees to quickly identify you as a Shipt shopper, which can help you get in-store assistance quickly when needed. Shipt shirts also allow members to quickly recognize you're with Shipt when you arrive to deliver, which can bring peace of mind and promote a positive member experience.

You can check out The Shipt Shop to purchase awesome Shipt apparel and gear!

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