How do I avoid delivering damaged items?

The success of your business depends on member satisfaction. One component of member satisfaction is receiving undamaged items that are safe for consumption.  You may use any effective means that you would like to ensure members’ satisfaction.  While shopping, you may decide to:

  • Pick out items that are at peak condition and in undamaged packaging
  • Look for items with the furthest expiration date available
  • Bag raw meat separately from other items
  • Bag fragile items together
  • Limit the weight of each bag to limit the possibility of bag breaking
  • Bag all refrigerated items together in an insulated cooler bag

Some examples of how to ensure member satisfaction while delivering include:

  • Not stacking groceries on top of each other in the car
  • Securely placing breakable items flat on the floor of the car
  • Putting grocery bags inside of the car, where there's air conditioning to help maintain item quality (shoppers should avoid placing grocery bags in the trunk of the car)
  • Kindly offering to carry the member’s groceries inside for them

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