How can I increase my chances of receiving positive member feedback?

After an order is completed, members have the opportunity to provide a rating and feedback for their shopper. Feedback options provide clear, actionable feedback, which shoppers will be able to see in weekly Self-Checkout emails.

There are several factors that contribute to a member’s experience. While some are out of your control, such as item availability, others are related to the interaction the member has with their Shipt Shopper. If you ever need assistance to better communicate with a member about a situation during an order, you can contact Shopper Support.

Review the following sections for best practices that may help you receive positive feedback and prevent negative feedback. 

Best Practices for Receiving Positive Feedback

Below are the positive feedback options that members can select as well as best practices to help you receive them.

Exceptional Shopper

  • Members notice when you go the extra mile on their order. This could mean sending a picture when providing a substitute option, asking if the member needs anything else before checking out, and sending a photo of their drop-off order outside their door.

Good Communication

  • Good communication can be initiated by sending an introductory text before starting to shop for an order.
  • If the member has selected Contact Me as their substitution preference and a requested item isn’t available, providing substitution options rather than just telling the member the item is out of stock is a great way to ensure positive feedback for communication.
  • Check the member notes to see if they have a landline. Some members may not be able to receive texts, so consider giving them a call when you start shopping their order to open the line of communication.
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Attention to Detail

  • Paying attention to details when shopping for items and ensuring members get correct, undamaged items is key to receiving a 5-star rating. Members will often notice a shopper's attention to detail while communicating about their order as well as once they have received their items. 
  • Attention to detail can come in the form of selecting the best produce and meat, making sure items are not expired, and ensuring all member notes are followed.

Good Substitutions

  • When members do not select item backups, shoppers have the opportunity to find quality substitution items for members. A best practice is to select items that are the most similar to the originally requested item and consider sending a photo when providing substitution options. 
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If you decide to follow the tips above, it may help increase your chances of receiving positive feedback and avoiding negative feedback. Click here to learn more about how Shipt recognizes shoppers that Bring the Magic!

Best Practices for Preventing Negative Feedback

Below are the negative feedback options that members can select as well as best practices to help prevent you from receiving them.

Too Little Communication

  • Communicating with members is an essential part of providing quality service. Even if the member has selected that they would not like to be contacted about substitutions, providing status messages helps them know when to be prepared for their order.
  • Here are a few ways you can provide great communication:
    • Send an intro text.
    • Send an on the way text.
    • Communicate about substitutions if they have selected the Contact Me preference and have no item backups listed.
    • If you’re ever unsure about a special request item, ask for clarification from the member.
    • Send a thank you or drop-off confirmation text.
    • Call the member directly if they are unresponsive.

Late Delivery

  • Delivering an order late can be caused by traffic, long lines, out of stock items, and being overwhelmed with multiple orders. 
  • Here are a few ways you can ensure that you deliver on time: 
    • Plan your route to the store and delivery address before beginning the order.
    • Start shopping earlier for larger or more complicated orders.
    • Prepare for checkout by having your Shipt card out and be ready to complete the tax exemption process, if applicable.
    • Use a GPS app such as Google Maps to configure the amount of time it will take to make the delivery.
    • Aim to deliver the order within the first 15 minutes of the delivery window. If you’ve claimed a promo order and won’t make it in that time, communicate any delays to the member. 

Item Issue

  • Feedback about item issues can occur when wrong, expired, or damaged items are delivered, or items that were on the order's digital receipt are not delivered at all.
  • Here are a few ways you can ensure you're selecting the right item:
    • Check the labels for matching information such as size or nutritional value.
    • Check UPC codes.
    • Check item notes for specific details left by the member.
    • Ask a store employee to check for more inventory of the item when you find it is out of stock.
  • Here are a few ways you can ensure that all items are delivered:
    • After placing items on the conveyor belt, double-check your cart for additional items, and watch carefully as they are bagged.
    • When completing multiple orders, use a system to be able to easily identify different orders. To review best practices, click here.
    • Quickly check your car's floorboards and seats prior to leaving the delivery location to ensure all items were successfully delivered.
  • Here are a few ways you can ensure that undamaged items are delivered:
    • Check the expiration date.
    • Carefully select produce that is free of blemishes.
    • Inspect each item for damage.
    • Secure the bags in your car so items don't shift during delivery.

Poor Substitution Choices 

  • Selecting poor substitutions can happen when an item that was requested was substituted with an item that is not similar. It can also happen when the member isn't contacted when their substitution preference is Contact Me or Choose Sub and no item backups are listed.
  • While the app will provide substitution recommendations for you based on potential member dietary preferences and data from our catalog, here are a few ways you could select great substitutions when the member hasn’t selected item backups:
    • Select substitute items that are the most similar to the originally requested item.
    • Select items with a similar nutritional value.
    • When the size requested is unavailable, suggest both the next size up and next size down.
    • Send a photo for suggested substitutions.
    • When a member's substitution preference is Choose Sub, providing a summary of the items you substituted before checking out can help ensure member satisfaction.

Poor Attention to Detail

  • Members may select this feedback option for a variety of reasons. To ensure the member knows you are paying attention to details while completing their order, here are a few best practices:
    • Communicate clearly about substitution choices and the status of their order.
    • Select items that are not damaged or expired.
    • Review item details and notes in the app to ensure you have found the right item.

Rating Forgiveness

Shipt offers rating forgiveness as a courtesy for shoppers, as we understand there are factors outside of your control that can influence a member’s rating. Please remember, members utilize the rating system according to their own unique standards. For that reason, we will honor a member’s rating even if you don’t agree with it. 

If you’ve provided an excellent member experience based on the tips above but your average rating does not reflect this, you may fill out the form below to request rating forgiveness. Shipt will review your submission and follow up within 72 hours.
*Note: Excessive requests and orders delivered more than 14 days before the time of submission will not be reviewed. 

Rating Forgiveness Form:

Did you know that on average, Shipt Shoppers receive 65% less negative feedback by their 500th order compared to when they started shopping? Learn More.

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