How do I set up my app?

What phone types does the Shopper App support?

The Shipt Shopper App is supported on iPhones (iOS 10 or later) and Android (5.1 or later)*. The Shipt Shopper App is not supported on Windows phones or tablet devices at this time.
*Note: While the shopper app may work with older operating systems, it will not be fully supported.

Can I use the Shopper App on multiple devices?

You are able to download the app and log in on multiple devices to check your stats or claim orders. However, when shopping, the app should only be active on the mobile device you will be using.  Be sure to update your phone number if you need to change devices to ensure the masked number system works properly when you contact the member.

Downloading the app

To download the app, search for "Shipt Shopper" in the App Store or Google Play Store. The Shipt Shopper app icon displays the Shipt logo with a teal background.

The first thing you will need to do is reset your shopper account password. Shopper accounts are created using the email address provided during application.

  • Open the app and tap Create or reset password underneath the username and password fields.
  • On the following screen, use the provided field to enter the same email address you used during your application. An email will be sent containing a link and instructions to reset your password.
  • Open the app, and then enter your email address and new password to sign in

After logging in, you will be prompted to accept 2 recommended settings for your phone, including enabling push notifications and sharing your location. You will need to have push notifications enabled to receive order offers in live time.

Your background check, which is the final step of your shopper application, will also automatically be initiated after you log into the app.

Setting up your account

Next, you'll be guided to the Shopper Set Up screen.

All of your personal information will be privacy protected. Shipt will only share your first name, last name initial, and shopper picture with a member after you claim their order. Shipt also uses a masked number system to keep phone numbers private during communication.

  • Social Security Number: Your Social Security Number is needed for tax purposes only.
  • Bank Information: A bank account number and routing number are needed to set direct deposit payments.
  • Shipt Card: You'll use your Shipt card to pay for certain order types. You can take a photo of your card or manually enter your card number.
  • Shopper Photo: Your photo will be shown to members after you claim their order so they can identify you as their Shipt Shopper at delivery.

The status of your background check will display at the bottom of the Shopper Setup screen. After filling out the needed information and passing your background check, you'll be able to tap Next to complete account setup.

Selecting your location 

Next, you'll see a screen that asks where you'd like to shop. Your metro (typically your city) will be preselected from the information that was submitted during your application. You will need to select your zones (typically neighborhoods).

As a new shopper, a best practice is to select 1 or 2 zones that you're familiar with to get started. You will be able to add more or edit your selected zones afterward in the app at any time. 

  • To edit your metro, tap Change
  • Once your metro is correct, tap Next
  • Tap each zone to select it
  • To see what stores are each zone, tap the info icon displayed to the right of each zone
  • Once you are finished selecting your zones, tap Next

Selecting when to work

After selecting your zones, you'll be asked to select which days you are available to work this week. 

  • Tap each day to select it 
  • Once you're done selecting days, tap Next

Then, you'll be asked to select delivery windows. Keep in mind, these are the timeframes in which you should deliver an order, and you should begin shopping before the delivery window to ensure on-time delivery.

  • Tap each delivery window to select it
  • Once you're done selecting delivery windows, tap Finish

If you're unsure of your schedule for the upcoming week, you can tap Skip for now and set up your schedule when you are confident about your availability.

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